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Psychology Directory

Alena Unger Board Certified Alternative Psychology Practioner
Telephone consultations by Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner. Call for appointment (540) 532-2962.

About the Whole of Man
A site about the whole of Man, including the three-quarters that are Esoteric or invisible.

As a man thinketh, so is he
Information on creating reality with thought process and belief systems. Links, articles, affirmations, and recommended books.

David E. Myers, Ph.d
psychotherapy,experiential work, dreamwork, integravitive soul retrivals

Dr. Diane L. Randall, Depth Psychologist
Depth-oriented psychotherapy is an extremely effective means for self-discovery and making deep changes in personality. This therapeutic modality is ideally suited forindividuals who are committed to rigorous introspection to increase their self-awareness. By making unconscious contents conscious, experience tends both to broaden and deepen and life is lived more fully.

Empathic star Keen
Website of Empathic Star, a psychic empath. This will lead you to all my listings on Keen, recorded and live. I use my empathic abilities to help others. I tell you what I feel from the other person. I have been an empath since childhood.
Information about quality psychotherapy and mental health. Therapists all over the world that adhere to our unique mission.

Holistic Psychology
" I practice "wholistic" psychology for the body, mind and spirit. I ask my clients to address issues not just of the mind, but of their physical body and soul. Using an ecclectic style of working with clients that is practical, compassionate and direct. I combine cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic and journey work that facilitates cellular healing. Journey work is a powerful healing method that has profound results on longstanding issues in a shorter period of time. I am the only licensed therapist in California who is accredited in this cutting edge therapy having traveled to Europe to receive the training.I have extensive training from working in a variety of clinical settings with all patient populations and disorders/problems. I have sought out the most innovative training that will benefit my clients the most. I teach meditation, forgiveness, letting go of the past to live NOW.I want my clients to get results that last, in the shortest amount of time. Life is not meant to be spent in a therapist office! Please see my web site for a full description of the professional services I offer. Good luck on your healing journey! "

Hypnotic Impact
Private and confidential hypnotherapy treatment options.

Institute of Biocognitive Psychology
In his theory of Biocognitive Psychology, Dr. Mario E. Martinez, proposes how cognition, biology and historical culture coauthor an inseparable personal reality that influences the process of health, illness and aging.

Jamell Mihalik, M.A.
Transpersonal and Holistic psychotherapy services for adults,couples, children, teens, families, and groups. Also providing workshops and classes. Please look at the website for more in depth information. provides you with products and information that give you more control over personal, community and world issues. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy confidence and pleasure in living more self-reliantly, strengthening your ability to make a positive difference in the world.

psychic doctor jamali
I use my strong focus and spiritual powers to go into a trance state or send into you a trance. Once in a state of trance, I call upon my universal herbal and spiritual force to assist me in healing. I do utilise my psychic powers to provide psychic healing through a trance, through healing touch and through intuition.

The Bright Side-Wings of Support
Whether dealing with a crisis, addiction, coping with a mental disorder or just feeling overwhelmed with life we all go through difficult periods in our life. When life feels like it is too much of a strain, a little bit of support can go a long way towards helping us cope. That is what The Bright Side is all about

The Goddess Path
A site to celebrate, nurture & share understandings of the goddess in every woman. Online personality test reveals archetype in 20+page report. Information-rich, E-cards, newsletter & forum.

The Joyful Living Project
I help people to live happy. Using tools like forgiveness, conscious breathwork and prenatal & birth psychology, I can assist you in finding your inner knowing and inner power. Passion, joy and purpose become obvious and life become easy.

A place for the living to confront their own death ... and make peace. Death with dignity. Life with zest!

Todos Santos Psychotherapy Services
Dr. Robert Saltzman’s counseling and psychotherapy practice serving Todos Santos, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico. Information dedicated to mental, emotional, and physical stability; personal growth, philosophical awareness, psychological wellness, and spiritual unfoldment. Includes a Q&A forum for discussion of issues of physical, mental, emotional wellness. Email and telephone counseling available.

Urania Scenia
Parapsychology and Noetic Studies in Peru. Language: Spanish.

A different perspective to ordinary life

World of Dream Symbols
Learn the language of your dreams! Discover the bright and vivid world of dream symbols and the valuable messages they communicate every night. The content of this site is intended help you connect with yourself, so that you can live the life of your dreams. Wake up by going to sleep.

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