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Publications Body-Mind-Spirit Directory

A free online magazine, featuring articles, video presentations, photographs and stories about the Spiritual Teaching and Blessing Work of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Includes free book offer.

Arising Arts
Magazine / Catalog devoted to Earth and the Individual

Art of 4 elements
Spiritual poetry, quotes, articles, videos can all be found on The Art of 4 Elements website. From Hindu to Buddhist, Christian to Tao, all across centuries, all across the planet, covering ancient and contemporary philosophers and gurus. We hope that our selection of writings will inspire you on your journey to enlightenment.

Blackwater Publishing
Dedicated to providing quality ebooks focusing on the mind-body-spirit connection. We offer practical ways to reconnect with yourself, inspirational fiction/poetry to replenish the spirit.

Online bookstore for Mind Body Spirit books, New Age Philosophy, Esoteric Teachings, Paranormal Studies, Sufi Publications, plus many other categories in this field of study. Books listed by subject, easy to navigate and buy online. Free UK delivery!

Capall Bann Publishing Ltd
Family owned and run independent publisher, run by people with many years experience in the topics we publish. Formed in 1993, we now have over 300 titles in our range.

Constant Creator
Refreshingly powerful book that breaks the mold of self help books.Inspiring articles are on this site as well.

Continuum Magazine-Many Paths, One Voice
This is a printed magazine (quarterly) We offer information, of all philosophies, approaches and high resonance to the students and teachers on the light path. Included in our magazine (but not limited by this list) will be research, information, articles andinspirational messages geared to the reader with curiosity and an openmind. We feel that this is the time for the gathering and presentation of the written word to assist all who follow a light path.

Health Research Books, Inc
For 50 years we have specialized in rare and unusual books. Over 2,100 listings in more than 130 categories. Our focus is on alternative health and healing. We also carry an impressive selection of books covering the esoteric, the spiritual, and the metaphysical areas.

Holomana O Hawaii/
Browse Hawaii Healing Arts Network and select from our most precious natural resources to enhance your wellness experience while visiting our beautiful Islands. Access Natural Health Care Providers offering a variety of health & wellness solutions, natural products, healthy living, alternative healthcare, and personal development, in the most healing place on earth.

Infinite Being
Free articles: Discover New Vistas of Inspiration, Love and Creativity through Spiritual Metaphysics.

Innerchange Publishing Co.
North Carolina's leading resource for personal, spiritual and planetary transformation.

Gina: The Woman Within tells the truly remarkable story of the writer's traumatic and reluctant, but inevitable, transgender journey of discovery, after a lifetime spent running away from herself.

Joost Boekhoven - Gem Stories
A man and a woman search for the purpose of Life. But first they have to find themselves - and each other. A heartwarming novel about personal growth and the quest for the infinite.

Mystical, pagan, new age online magazine with a spiritual advice section , articles, resources and more.

Llewellyn has been publishing new age books for over 100 years, and proudly claims the title of the worlds oldest new age publisher.

Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd
Llewellyn is the world's oldest new age publisher.
Well established over 30 year old newsletter of hard-hitting truth, enlightenment, fighting censorship and conservative propaganda. We reveal the kind of truth that most people are afraid to hear, can you handle it? Listen to our Internet Talk Show right from our website!

Mother of Light - The Book of Fire
The great saint, Ramakrishna, once said, ‘When it is time for a soul to attain liberation, it is led to the Divine Mother." The website is dedicated to the Path of the Devi. My books, Mother of Light the Book of Fire Vol 1 and 2 chronicle my journey of 35 years of yoga and meditation practice. I am introducing a powerful tincture that captures the frequencies of Vedic mantram; the first creation is derived from one of the greatest mantram in the Sanskrit language, The Thousand Names of the Divine Mother (Sri Lalita Sahasranama); the second creation will derive from the ancient Sanskrit mantra used in many Hindu sects, Om Namah Shivaya.*See Website For more information.

Mystic Information Resources
Aspire To Wisdom - Monthly ezine unique in providing a synthesis of Personal Development/Self Improvement, combined with Spiritual Growth and Metaphysical Teaching. New subscribers also get the brand new E-Book "Inner Light OuterWealth" absolutely FREE just for joining. Topics include Creativity, Meditation, Visualization, Prosperity Consciousness, Accessing Inner Genius, Accelerated Learning, Spiritual Growth, Mystical Philosophy and much more!

News For the Soul
Positive news, interviews, video and audio. Enlightening views and articles.

Opalescent Nine: Remembering a New Reality
Home of the Pleiadian Renegades, here you will find the collected writings and more from the source of Nine, through the League of Light and Anica, as channeled by Maryann Rada.
To provide information, inspiration and motivation for people who seek to improve or enhance their quality of life.

Phoenix Center for Regenetics
DNA Monthly is your FREE online resource for cutting-edge news about who you truly are. Subscribe now! is a cutting edge online monthly magazine for Lightworkers and those interested in personal and planetary growth and transformation. PLW offers subscriptions to a full online magazine as well as four free articles and a free monthly newsletter/Gemstone Oracle reading each month.

Psychic Art Works
June-Elleni Laine shares ground- breaking ideas on developing Psychic Art, Spirit Portaiture, Psychic ability and increasing Human Awareness

Psychic Bloggers
Psychic Bloggers features daily posts by some of the leading psychics and mediums on the web. News and views on paranormal phenomena, divination, psychic development, metaphysics, intuition, lifestyle and spiritual beliefs and practices.

Radnor House Publishing
Web-site of Judy A. Laslie, author of the international title, 9 Chances to Feel Good About Yourself, speaker and holistic counselor based on numerology.

Ravenhawks' Magazine
Ravenhawks' Magazine explore the Sabbat through recipes, decorations, crafts ideas, healing and spirituality for the magickal household. Ravenhawks' feature B-Corps, Eco shopping and fashions and show case artist art and musicians

Talismans,spells,witchcraft,holy squares,spell casting,love & money spells,sigils,ritual books,PLUS..Official site of renowned occultist and best selling author Jason P.Pike RitualMagickJP supplies QUALITY ritual magick books and tools,talismans,amulets,sigils,lucky charms,power chants,rune sets,spell casting for you by expert occultist,astral projection and esp utilization courses,workshops throughout the year,psychic consultations and spiritual guidance,rune stone divination and/or guidance.FREE catalogue. A genuine supplier with a reputation to uphold!

Stepping Stones In Light Magazine
Features Crystals, Healing, Events Listings & Calendar, Earth Healing and other information from the "Stepping Stones In Light" Magazine - An Australian Lightwork Magazine. This includes channeling and information from the Earth & Animal Kingdoms coming thru at this time.

Swami Krishnananda - The Divine Life Society
More than 40 free online books on yoga, meditation, spiritual practice, Hinduism, Bhagavadgita, Upanishads, Vedanta, mysticism and metaphysical philosophy, plus discourses and an audio/video section.

The 2012 Shift
The Shift of the Ages is upon us right on time. According to the Maya, we are shifting into a new age, place and space of personal and collective transformation or change on our planet.

The ES Press Magazine
Thoughtful Expressions of Spiritual People. The ES Press is the online magazine for everyone with an interest in Spirituality and Metaphysics. Let your presence be known by the company you keep.

The Golden Thread Magazine
The Golden Thread Magazine unravels the latest scientific discoveries and their impact upon modern spirituality and daily human life.

The Messenger
Monthly articles on spiritual, metaphysical, ecological and health related issues. Over 25 articles per issue by authors like Linda Page, Ph.D., Louise Hay, Alan Cohen, Kathleen Jacoby and many more. Past articles are archived and searchable.
Monthly free spiritual/metaphysical magazine

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