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Religions Directory

E India Traders
E India Traders has all of the unique items you are looking for from india! Home items, Henna, Incense, Spiritual items and pooja items and more

The Redeemed Christian Assembly
The Church where Jesus is highly exalted.
Be it Christianity,Judaism,Islam,Hinduism... every religion teaches us to live & let live,to love and to be kind to our fellow human beings.

Abdu'l-Baha. Paris Talks
Lections about main principles of Bahai religion

Academic Info
An annotated directory of Internet resources for the study of world religions large and small. The index includes new and alternative religions and spirituality.

free Sikh wallpaper, screensavers and icons. calendar of important Sikh dates and Sikh news

AllFaith Ministries
We offer interfaith NetRings, discussion boards and much more. Come visit!

Christian perspectives on religion, spirituality, society and culture.

Ashoka New Media Buddhist Learning Center
The Ashoka New Media Buddhist Learning Center is a Buddhist Resource organized in the style of a Lam-Rim, starting with the most fundamental teachings and progressing to the most advanced. Forums are available for students to clarify and share their understanding of the Dharma.

Baha'is or Rocklin
Provides information necessary for developing and daily living a spiritual life

Bandarach College of Druids
A loosely formed council of solitary druids. The college offers free courses to help guide others on the path of druidry.

Bhagavad GIta
Read the entire Bhagavad Gita online and hear the original sanskrit verses sung in traditional melodies.

Bhagavad Gita
Russian edition of the Bhagavad Gita

excellent australian buddhist site

this buddhist site is amazingly comprehensive and could be the subject of rewarding personal contemplation for many weeks.

Buddhism 2001
Introduction to Buddhist philosophy, history, practice, meditation and tantra
belgian site for zen, tibetan, and other buddhist resources. in english and french.

Celebration Center of Religious Science
This is the web site for the Celebration Center of Religious Science, Falls Church, VA, a member of the United Church of Religious Science

Celtic Faerie Teachings at Avalon Grove
Spiritual teachings and other original information from and about Faeries, Mother Earth and Celtic Christian spirituality

Center for Creative Living - Spokane Church of Religious Science.
Teaching Science of Mind, founded by Ernest Holmes, we are an open minded ever evolving center that believes in a single source of life. We are all in control of our lives, and Universal mind lives through us.

Christian Mysticism
Christian Mysticism is inspirational and intellectually explains the interconnectedness of us all while dismantling the thoughts and fears that separate. It opens Christian minds that are closed by belief.

Christian Mysticism
This site has a diagram where the Christians and the scientist are both correct about evolution.

Christmas Tree Directory : An online resource directory of Christmas Trees and related web sites.

Church of Cash
Religion based on accumulation of wealth. Creating holy cashflow for personal freedom. Money is God and we want to be closer to God and have more God in our lives.

Church of Spiritual Humanism
Official site, Church of Spiritual Humanism. Free online ordination regardless of religious background. Central tenet is that religion must be based on reason.

Church of the New Renaissance
A Home for Modern Mystics, providing community, support, and an umbrella for their work in the world.

comments Fo Guang Shan
Comments on the localization efforts of Fo Guang Shan in the west.

Crystal Cloud Graphics
Free graphics, animations and web sets on various religious, esoteric and spirtual themes. Custom graphics available and web site maintenance design.

Cultural Expressions
Culturally rich multimedia site with information about African religion, culture, Ifa, computers, Books, Videos, Education and more

Cup Runneth Over
We are a diverse group of souls on a search for Gods' truth. We share our views and opinions, thelogian history, angels, inspirational, studies, etcc..with all do respect..a wonderful place to come and learn from one another.

your zen questions answered by a senior monk from zen mountain monastery.

Daily News on Hinduism, Yoga, Ayurveda and Natural Healing
Contains articles on Hinduism, Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, translations of ancient Hindu scriptures, discussion forums, audio lectures, videos, and briefs on Hindu deities.

Join the ancient powers of the witches!!Join the power of mind!!

Divine Way of Spiritual Heart
Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life. Methodology of spiritual self-perfection.

Highlights the Ancient Greek Religion and its revival today in Greece and worldwide. The official site of the traditional polytheistic Greek (Hellenic) religion of the Dodecatheon, of the Societas Hellenica Antiquariorum, the Comitee for the Greek religion and the journal Hellinicon Pantheon. The Basic Principles of Greek religion. News, Religious & mythology topics, free philosophical theses & articles, free pictures, free desktops, free movies.

Dorje Shugden
This website, an ongoing work in progress, is dedicated to the glorification and deeper appreciation of the name and holy work of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who by peaceful, increasing, subjugating and wrathful means spreads in this world the general and profound teachings of the Buddhadharma that can dispel all suffering and its causes.

E-sangha Buddhism Portal
Buddhism portal that contains free e-books, discussion forum,free e-cards and an extensive collections of links.

Eastern Catholic Center of San Francisco
The Eastern Catholic Center of San Francisco, Our Lady of Fatima Byzantine Catholic Church: Parish & Center information, schedules, activities; also Eastern Christian history, contacts and Eastern Christian links. A Jesuit Parish of the Archdiocese of SF.

electronic boddhidharma
international research institute for zen buddhism (iriz) at hanazono university (kyoto, japan) is an academic research institution devoted to the study of zen buddhism, serving the needs of researchers, students, teachers, and practitioners of buddhism. 48.000 character chinese character database.

Ethics of the New Testament
Compilation of referenced discussion on the subject of "Ethics" as addressed in the Gospels, Romans, and Corinthians.

forest sangha newsletter
the forest sangha is a world-wide buddhist community in the thai forest tradition of ajahn chah. the newsletter is superbly written and provides insight into the meaning of meditation and enlightenment. it contains news, views, articles, contact addresses, forthcoming events, retreat schedules &etc

Frater Jacob
Introduction to Kabbalah and its major symbol, the Tree of Life. Magick, ritual, ceremony, and mysticism. Occult symbolism and hermetics.

Free Angel Reading
Padre, the Messenger of the Angels, possesses uncommon spiritual gifts which, over the years, have earned him worldwide fame and respect

frequently asked questions from alt.zen

Friends of the Urantia Revelation
Everything you ever wanted to know about Urantia Foundation, but were afraid to ask. A religious site dedicated to religious freedom, "unceasing exposure" (53.5.6, Urantia Papers) of Urantia Foundation's sophistries, and resistance to Urantia Foundation's religious tyranny and persecution against believers of the Urantia Revelation.

Garuda Trading
Tibetan Buddhist artefacts for dharma practitioners. Thangkas, Rupas, the largest selection of Tibetan Incense that we know of-and still growing!! Ritual Aids, Malas, Turquoise and Coral beads. Meditation cushions and much more!! Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung!

Garuda Trading-Tibetan Dharma Supplies
Tibetan Buddhist Artefacts and Dharma Supplies for practitioners. Thangkas, Rupas, Malas, Buddhism for Schools, Tibetan Incense, Dharma Books, Ritual Aids, Meditation Supplies and much more. Delivered to anywhere on the Planet. Karmapa Chenno!!

Gnosis in Arabic
Arabic translation of Boris Mouravieff's Gnosis Volume 1.Study and commentary on the Esoteric Tradition of the Oriental Orthodoxy

Gnostic culture magazine
Gnosis volume 1 by Boris Mouravieff translated into English by Dr Fouad Ramez

Guardian Angel reading
Padre, the Messenger of the Angels, possesses uncommon spiritual gifts which, over the years, have earned him worldwide fame and respect. Thanks to his extrasensory abilities, Padre can establish precious contacts with Guardian Angels.

Hart-Burn Press
Articles by Steve Hart, editor of new bio of Jesus that stresses inclusiveness and religion "OF" Jesus-love your neighbor, over religion "ABOUT" Jesus.

Have the faith of God
Having faith in God to attain salvation thru Jesus Christ

Greek Paganism, Ancient Greek religion, Hellenic Religion, Classical Greece, Hellenic Spirituality, Ancient Greece, Hellenism, Greek Mythology, Greek Philosophy, Greek religion of Dodecatheon.

Hither and Yon - Tibetan Buddhism Handicrafts
Offering Tibetan Buddhist dharma objects and unique handmade gifts by artisans from India, Nepal and Tibet. Featuring Tibetan incense, prayer flags, Om art carvings, stone Buddha statues and rare old Himalayan singing bowls with individual sound files. 99.9% positive feedback on Ebay since 1999, great service with Aloha.

Indes Reunion
To know everything about Indian cultures and religions (hindu, muslim) in French Reunion Island.

Intranet Services
Beautiful Indian Goddess Extends Blessings from Temple. Click for FREE prasad. Listen Gayatri Chants. Spiritual Experience. All Hindu Gods.

Jain World
Combining Jain aspirations globally,

John Roberts' Alcove
Observations on Spiritualism, Dream Experiences, Autobiography, Bible Commentary, many essays on spiritual and social topics.

Karma Kagyu Webring
This ring is for sites that support and promote the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The supreme head of this lineage is HH 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Urgyen Trinle Dorje.

Ken Collins' Web Site
Information about historic Christian orthodoxy, kinder and gentler than you thought

Lakshmi International
Devotional Hindu art and information about Hindu festivals and temples, Goddess temples, etc.
Auction your Mormon collectibles,books, antiques, art and just about anything Mormon on this dedicated and exclusive auction site.
We are a gathering of Vegetarians or Vegans who are generally also active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (but invite and support everyone). Our reason for existance as an organization and as web site is to provide education, encouragement, friendships and support in this difficult, but important, needed and very beneficial lifestyle change!

Leaflet Missal
Leaflet Missal offers Catholic gifts and church supplies available online, in-store and via catalog.

Letters From The Moralist
Site offers e book that definitively uncovers the mystery of UFOs and angels by an author that has been visited over 500 times by supernatural craft and angelic beings. Book offers current analysis on religious,moral, and political issues, and makes sense of apocalyptic concerns. This book will rock the religious world!

translation of spiritual books into German

Personal homepage dedicated to my beloved Krishna

Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
We grow and harvest, manufacture and distribute occult supplies, including herb-based dressing oils, sachet powders, incense, floor washes, spell-kits, and bath crystals made in the African-American hoodoo tradition; and we distribute folkloric amulets an

Lukumi Temple, Shango Y Ochun
Santeria- Regla de Ocha - Religion of the Orisha Website of a Priest of Shango

Mami Wata Spiritual Services
Finally, an authentic, trained High Priestess of the Vodoun and Mami Wata can offer you full services here in the U.S.

Metamorphosis League for Monastic Studies: The Vaishnava Foundation
Unadulterated, non-institutional Krishna consciousness

Description of religions and spiritual paths, including: christianity, buddhism, hinduism, islam, gnosticism, occultism, theosophy and the paranormal.

Munanso Kimbisa Ntoto
House of Palo Monte, Mayombe and Ocha Lukumi

My Inaugural Address on Judgment Day
My inaugural address on global TV at the Great White Throne Jugdment of the Dead after I have raptured out billions (corpses on the ground).

Large Baptist global directory

New Beginnings in Richmond, Virginia
we're an open & diverse community of faith in Central Virginia that welcomes all regardless of gender orientation, race, nationality, status or challenge

noah's arc - rosicrucian web page
the first rosicrucian web page you may get info on and/or join directly via the internet. a recruitment page for prospective membership.

Only Rosicrucian group you can join using only the Internet (as of 1996)!

Occult Products
Our company, Apokrifo (Απόκρυφο), is located in Thessaloniki, Greece and we produce the following products: 1. Handmade candles. (non scented) various types, shapes and symbols.2. Handmade scented candles3. Handmade Greek Orthodox incense granules AAA' quality.4. Handmade Catholic incense5. Handmade sacred art incense (chakras, meditation, planetary, zodiac etc)6. Pyrography items7. Esoteristic products such as wands, pens etc.

One Body and One Spirit
A site meant to be representative of all brands of Christianity. Denominational, issues and debate, prayer & support, and interfaith issues boards. All points of view welcome; harrassment is not.

Our Father Prayer
A quickly growing website featuring many unique and traditional prayers. We want to unite Christians behind powerful prayers that promote spiritual healing and growth.

pacific poker
Play pacific poker only at

Testimony of UFOs, biblical scholarship and commentary focusing on the little known radicalism characteristic of one school of Jewish prophets and the early churches

Point Loma Publishing
Wisdom Traditions Bookstore specializes in the Esoteric Teachings of Theosophy and other religious traditions.

Pro Vita
The goal of this site is to investigate whether or not world religions are complementary and equally true.

Pure Reason
The Expression of the Enlightenment Attained by the Prophets

Radio Luz
"La Emisora Del Señor Jesús"

Rajesh Shah
For an ANALYTICAL description of, the nature of unhappiness, its causes (believing self to be non-self, e.g. body, passions, etc.), identification of solution (understanding difference between self and non-self)followed by method of application of solution - visit this well organised (and constantly expanding) treasure-chest of original Jain literature translated into various modern languages.

Religion is more than a belief in a deity; it is a way of life.

Religious book for seekers
he goal of RELIGIOUS BOOK FOR SEEKERS is to collect spiritual books and materials illuminating the way of self-perfection, spiritual growth, evolution and cognition of God.

Renewal of the Spirit Institute
We provide ordination,training,certificates and degrees for those men/women called into the wholistic healing ministry. Some of our training is in Pastoral Counseling, herboloby, touch therapy and more. Please visit our website for complete information.

Rosicrucian Order of The Grail, Joan of Arc Commandery
A Rosicrucian Fraternal Order of Chivalry with a Medieval Lineage

S. Shahriari
Dedicated to the Spiritual Philospohy of Zarathushtra

Sarnam is your single point source to perform online puja. Puja is Performed on your behalf and the prasadam delivered at your doorstep. also deals in Vastrushastra, Tantra Mantra & Yantra, Astrology, and gift items

Self publisher
Free ebook on current End Times events, including 9/11 and the return of the Messiah.

Siam Imports Home Page
We have a wide variety of products imported mainly from Thailand such as Buddha, Asian and Hindu statues, incense, unique ethnic clothes in Thai, Indian, Cambodian, Chinese, Japanese styles, jewelries, crafts and much more

Spirit Soars
Inspirational writings, explanations of the world religions, add your link, memorial gardens, e-greetings and more
Online community for spiritually-minded people.

St. Tekle Church - Egypt
An archive for all coptic history, Coptic Orthodox Links, Creed, Hymns, Galleries, Bible, Abgeya, Kids' Corner, Videos..ãæÞÚ ãÓíÍí ÞÈØí ãÊãíÒ Èå ßá ÔìÁ Úä ÇáÊÇÑíÎ ÇáÞÈØí¡ ÇáÕæÑ¡ ÇáãæÇÞÚ ÇáÃÑËæÐßÓíÉ¡ ÇáÊÑÇäíã æÇáÃáÍÇä¡ Ñßä ÇáÃØÝÇá¡ ÇáÝíÏíæåÇÊ...

Terry's Tibetan Buddhist Pages
A site about Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhism in general, with lots of downloads, tibetan history, a chatroom and lots more

The Chebar - - Judeo/Christian Studies, News & You!
Study the Scriptures by synthesizing the combined revelation and knowledge of Jewish and Christian Commentaries and Sources. A site for believers and those simply searching for God and meaning and understanding.

The Church Of Servants
The only organization that teaches the religion of Servantism, providing help to anyone looking to start their life over as a servant of God

The Church of Seven Planes
We are a church of many faiths and cultures. We willordain anyone who requests it believing that they are seeking th etruth as are we all.

The Divine Life Society
We have free books on Yoga, religion and philosophy available for free download.

The Electronic Cauldron
British News & Communication Network For The Modern Witch, Wiccan, And Pagan Community!

The Gwyddonic Order, Nemeton Triana, College of the Blue Butterfly
American-Welsh family tradition religion.

The Harmony Institute
Exploring the common core of the world's religions and modern science

The Keys to Heaven
A spirit guided interpretation of the Bible which reveals secrets and long lost knowledge.

The Nazarene Way
The Forgotten Beginnings of Christianity. The Hidden Teachings of Jesus the Nazarene.

The Pagan Online Campus
Here you will find a group of instructors who donate their free time to helping others learn and understand things of an occult nature. Whether you are a beginner or a highly advanced we will have something for you. Among the spiritual paths represented (but not all taught) in this community are Wicca, Satanism, Druidry, Thelema, Isiac, Shamanism, Rainbow, and Asatru. No matter what religion you are, you are welcome here.

The Satanist Net
The Satanist Net offers free web hosting, free email services and an online document database featuring over 700 documents related to left hand path religions.

The Spiritual Bridge
Bridges the gap between traditional religion and modern spirituality

The Temple of Love
Unites every religion through the mouths of the great Prophets.

Tom Ragland's Gnostic World
Chronological Index and on-line links for spiritual texts, people and events.

Tsechen Damchos Ling Buddhist Monastery
Information about the daily life and spiritual practices of Tibetan monks in India. The monks are supported by our Sponsorship Scheme and online Buddhist Bookstore.

United Interfaith Institute
The United Interfaith Institute is a distance learning program that specializes in providing a solid education for current and future Interfaith ministers, as well as providing a world religions study program for those interested in learning about the world's religions.

Universal Life Church
Become a legally ordained minister online (no charge). This California church has ordained ministers worldwide since 1959. We are advocates of religious freedom.

Universal Pantheist Society
We seek renewed reverence for the Earth and a vision of Nature as the ultimate context for human existence.

University of Georgia, Dept. of Religion
Covering the varieties of Sufism today and in history and including Sufi doctrine and practice.

Urantia Book Fellowship
Largest collection of Urantia Book information on the web! Online text, study aids, historical documents, photos, maps, study groups, etc.

VedSutra is a platform for any and all information about Hinduism, its mythology, teachings, procedures and interpretations.VedSutra is an attempt to capture the essence of the rich history of India and its major religion Hinduism through mythological stories, historical profiles, modern interpretations and more. We intend to build an unparalleled collection of everything linked to India and Hinduism to make VedSutra the one place where anybody interested in these topics can access the knowledge accumulated over multiple millennia.

West African Dahomean Vodoun
A Beautiful site, featuring an accurate portrayal of African Religious Vodoun, and Mami Wata traditions as practiced in both West Africa, and now here in America.

Wife Vashikaran Mantra
Astrology and vashikaran is science of helping people in whatever they desire and fulfill all dreams, now astrology ha progressed a lot that with the help of vashikaran , black magic and many more techniques all major problems can be easily solved out and can fulfill all the dreams. Pandit rk shastri is vashikaran, black magic expert and specialist can help you with all your major problems of life to make your life more successful, happy and prosper.

World Prayers Project
Gathering the great prayers from all spiritual traditions around the world into a unified Internet archive; for the purpose of inspiration, study and cross cultural appreciation.

Yachad b'Shalom Together In Peace
Yachad b'Shalom Together in Peace is an online organization dedicated to the promotion and celbration of diverse Jewish families and friends. It is our goal to provide resources and cohesion. We also have an active online forum! b'Shalom,Shira-Davida Goldberg-RathellExecutive DirectorYachad b'Shalom ~ Together In Peace -

Zen Paganism
Information on Keith Veeder, Zen Paganism, Zen, Buddhism, Paganism, Taoism, Druidism, Shamanism, Wicca, Universal Life Church, martial arts, weather, search engines, Syracuse NY, radio scanners

Zen Paganism
My path is called Zen Paganism. Zen Paganism is an ecletic blend of Druidism, Witchcraft, Zen Buddhism and Taoism. I do not believe in the concepts of white, grey or black magic. I believe that as energy can not be destroyed but only converted, energy also has no "color". It simply depends on what your intention and/or motive is. My ethics/morals are guided by the Eightfold Noble Path of Buddhism, the Four Noble Truths, the Shaolin Moral Code, the ten Obligations of Shaolin, and The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth. Zen Paganism has also been influenced by the Left Hand Path.

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