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Runes Directory

The Book of Runes E-Book
Ralph S. Blums international bestseller, The Book of Runes, has been one of the most consulted oracles for the last several decades. It is now being released as an e-book and interactive web application.

Ankur Gems
Wholesaler of Metaphysical product, i.e. pendulum, tumbled stones, spheres, healing wands, chakra pendants. And We also deal in loose gemstones, Minerals Specimens, Silver Jewelery.

Bear Gulch Harth
Whilst spanning the runic realms of practicing heathens, this site touches upon such philosophical topics as the Elder Futhark Runes, Northern Spiritual Traditions, Eclectic Witch Magicks, and just so much more.
An excellent site offering information in both English and Spanish on this ancient oracle. FREE readings on line, silver pendants, books and sets of hand-made Runes.

In the Midst Design
Enter our magical rune casting realm and cast your rune stones free of charge.

Night Winds
Wander among the Northern Heathen works, books on runes, rune carvings, and even cross-stitch designs for Reiki practitioners and other magic users. Some for sale, some for show, all are part of a living tributes to the Aesir and the Vanir.

Pagan Places
Learn about the healing aspects of the runes.

Ring of Troth Europe
Freya Aswynn, Author and teacher of Runes and Esoteric Asatru. is a site dedicated to soul guidance through the use of runes. We offer free advice readings along with our distinctly original rune meanings.

Wyrd Ways
The New Runes for Pagans and Pantheists! Moving into present time, these runes are created with love and honor.

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