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Sacred Geometry Directory

Art of 4 elements
Crystals are earth's gifts to us. Mandalas are used for inner healing, and meditation. Every shape emits a very specific energy and a person who meditates on a yantra tunes into this magic frequency. We sell beautiful crystal glass cubes with 3D Laser images designed by Art of 4 Elements to inspire your Spiritual Growth

Pacific Domes
Domes are nature's perfect structure and provide a unique environment for every use. Pacific Domes has perfected the function and beauty of our portable Geodesic Domes since 1980 in Ashland, Oregon. We combine the sacred geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller with our progressively designed covers to bring you this futuristic, Zen structure. Use a dome at your next event!

ppc search engines - new ppc search engines with human tuning

Sacred Geometry Discovery
Geometric forms are applied within an Art of Memory, illustrating the Tree of life and The Decalogue.

Seeds of Life Evolution
Sacred Geometry. Spinning geometric Models for meditation and cellular recoding. Books with daily exercises to increase creativity and elimanate fear.

Shaman Inside Mastery of Deep Trance States
The new frontier is no longer Out There, it's deep within, understanding how the integration of mind/body/spirit can change your life for good is the focus of these programs. Shaman Inside offers the terms/keys and deeper understanding of the Shamanic Practice. Study with Harry Nichols who has been the world over, researching the magicians path and the Shaman's knowing. This is a year long study, introductory level, and advanced levels in the second year include working with sacred plants, earth energies, and deeper connections.

Soul Geometry
Your soul symbol is your personal sacred geometry. It is encoded and activates your DNA through your soul's blueprint. A transformation tool that aligns, heals, renews and opens the door to your higher purpose so that you can become who you truly are.

An Annual Festival of Personal Transformation, Spiritual Healing and Wellness of Mind, Body & Spirit.

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