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Self-Awareness Directory
Yoga School India
Yoga School India Yogi Ashutosh
Baba Balaknath Temple Street, Upper Tapovam
Rishikesh 249192

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Phone:  9808252230

Yoga Teacher Training is an aspiring endeavor of Yoga Alliance USA to prepare qualified and proficient Yoga teachers to spread Yoga teachings in the world. The participants of 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training are rewarded with a internationally recognized certificate after successful completion of the course which allows them get registered with Yoga Alliance USA as RYT-200 and organize Yoga classes anywhere in the world.

We offer self development courses for all who wish to start their self-development and spiritual journey, We work with transformation tools used by sages and gurus across the world, over the centuries, such as: Soul's Diary, Spiritual Diary, Meditation, Relationship Contract, Personal Development Plan, Drawing Mandalas. Try our FREE Course to help you look at your body, habits, your home environment, your thinking patterns and the time wasters in your life.

AstroX takes the mystery out of astrology - astrology stripped down

C-My Complete Body Ltd
Professional designed for your healing pleasure. "We aim to heal you." See our new Chakra healing products designed to cleanse, educate & unblock you, your home and motor vehicle of stagnant energy by using our new age colour energy Chakra principle. An ideal Christmas gift for all the family.

Enchanted Offerings
Our kits offer a collection of meditative tools designed to help rebalance you mind, body, and spirit.

Flagstaff Center for Compassionate Communication [Arizona}
FCCC envisions a world where everyone's needs aremet peacefully. Our mission is to facilitate the creation oflife-serving systems within ourselves, our relationships, organizations,and social structures.
Soul Talk. The purest, deepest, highest form of communication with self and others. I can see, hear, feel messages and information while in soul connection with others. It is pure Soul guidance that helps you with clarity and a deeper connection to Soul/Yourself.I hope to meet you on the soul level. Love, Eva

Innovative Personal and Spiritual Growth, Addictions, and Recoveryprograms. Audio taped and live lectures, workshops, reflective workbooks,experiential meditations, and intuitive, spiritual consultations. 15 yearsexperience. FREE newsletters, articles, prayers and meditations in ourreading rooms. "

Inspirational Quotes for increased Happiness and Joy in life
Inspirational Quotes that are handpicked to categorized in different life situations. The mission is to help people increase happiness and joy and overcome difficult life situations. To that end there is a section for inspirational picture quotes and another on Heart Warming stories.

Joyful LIght Education
Self growth tools: ebook, Reiki, and material to discover energetic living

Life Coach Spotter
Learn about life coaching and find your life coach.

Luminous Living
Light can be sensed in the dark like wind in a forest. Both are intertwined, and this knowing brings greater freedom.

Maulana Ashfaq Khan
Muslim Vashikaran is a extremely powerful method that a person can apply at your own level. We want to clear you a single thing that never utilize this method with wrong purposes or for harming somebody because using this technique for wrong purposes will be against the Islam.
Live Your Spirit, Love Your Life! Resources for creating the life your love, including inspiring articles, meditations, and psychic mediumship readings.

Mind Over Matter Meaning
Mind over matter meaning is a website dedicated to explaining the meaning of mind over matter. Discover the amazing benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation.

Mitch Williams
International award winning inspirational speaker and entertainer with a "magical" flare. Author of A Call to Magic - the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World. Authority on creativity, inspiration, peak performance, and esoteric spirituality. Offering absolutely unforgettable seminars, keynote talks, and entertainment programs that are guaranteed to amaze, amuse, and inspire.

Oceanic Metaphysical Temple
Join us on our inspired pathway of deep metaphysical exploration, in pursuit of self-realization and enlightened living. We offer skilled, compassionate mentorship, a heart-centered and visionary community, and a pure and gentle, earth-based way of being. Help us welcome in the World of the Fifth Sun - 2013 and beyond. Truth and compassion shall prevail.

Peruquois - The Voice of Mother Earth
Peruquois is a singer, chantress and workshop facilitator who has been travelling around the globe for 14 years , serving humanity with her earth shaking voice, music and wisdom of the Divine Feminine. She has dedicated her whole life towards helping women awaken to their whole potential and unburden the global and personal pain that runs so deep in the body .Peruquois has been giving workshops and retreats for more than a decade, traveling to corners of the world, inspiring women to live in full bodied love.

Simple Awakening
Explore transformational coaching with the focus on nonduality and finding inner peace. Also enjoy the book on nonduality, 'What if the Problem's Not the Problem?"

Subliminal Tapes Self Improvement
Subliminal Tapes for Self Improvement

The Present Moment
We are a new community, and are seeking those who are ontology-free to help us create in the moment a practical approach to liberation. Leave dogma at the door. The community features "Naked Q & A", "Journal", "Rants & Raves", "Poetry", "Artwork", "Creative Writing", "Photography", and "Quickies". These message boards are for the members experiencial sharing. If this forum calls to you, then please tell me why in your application to join. Help us explore this moment, and build something unique in the world for seekers of Truth.

Truth Realization
Teachings on Spiritual Enlightenment, Truth Realization, Awakening, Self Awareness and Ego By Eddie Traversa

Unlock Your Life with Dean Fraser
Inspiration and motivation to be the absolute best version of you (Personal Soul Mandala)
The PERSONAL SOUL MANDALA will contain personal codes specifically meant for the person ordering it…You! When used, it will release the needed information held in at your body's cellular level. This information will allow you to open up further to yourself and move forward in ways you hadn't considered before. This is a powerful Mandala for anyone who has the ability and desire to perceive more for themselves. The Personal Soul Mandala comes with instructions for it’s use and how to care for it, respectfully. Those ordering a Personal Soul Mandala will therefore be providing for themselves, the potential to live a More Full, Whole and Complete Self-Producing Life! A life containing a strong sense of Self-Worth, Love, Joy, Purpose and Direction. This direction will ultimately lead to Self-Generated Freedom!!! It will be an honor to create a Personal Soul Mandala for You! I look forward to hearing from you soon! Namaste Lovingly, Terisse

weFringe represents a community of individuals committed to and seeking a life based on energetic principles. Balance... universal connection... being present... grounding

Wide Open Windows Non-dualism in Belgium. A site with focus on non-duality without compromise (Toni Parsons, Nathan Gill a.o). Included is a very extended 'FlashBrain' Links List pointing to anything concerning 'Consciousness'

"By Nature we are friendly, cooperative, compassionate. If we are unfriendly, it is because of stress and tension." - Sri Sri Through out our lives we learn many skills reading, writing, science, music and art but very few of us have actually learnt the true Art of Living. We are rarely taught how to handle our negative emotions - anger, depression, stress. Yet, the quality of our life depends upon the quality of our mind.The Art of Living courses offer simple but effective techniques which eliminate toxins and stresses that accumulate in our systems over time. They are a unique way to harmonize and energize the Body, Breath, Mind, Emotions & Spirit.Visit us at Or call 212.414.8222 for more info.

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