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Self-Mastery Directory
The Calming Collection
The Calming Collection Anabelle Taub
4530 Prairie Avenue
Miami Beach 33140

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Phone:  305-674-8158

The Calming Collection provides simple, direct solutions for dramatically reducing anxiety through the use of mindful meditation and hypnosis to more rapidly produce deep healing relaxation, profound relief of stress and anxiety and more rapid, lasting achievement of one's goals.

Alchemy of Love Personal Development Courses
Alchemy of Love Personal Development Courses: Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting. 100s of Transformation tools for Personal Growth and Development

*Help Yourself Central
What kind of person - *Gets what they want, when they want it? *Achieves Success 99.9% of the time? *Has Discovered how to Unleash their Unlimited Potential? Believe it or not, it's YOU. Let Help Yourself Central show you the New Easy way to achieve inside for Free.

A truly magical life
Esoteric site offering information, services and products.

Explore CHAKRA BRIDGING perspectives and love possibilities that allow HEALING OTHERS once our relationship connection is FULL-SPECTRUM and clear!

Authentic Power Institute
How Do Your Expand Your Power, for Creating Positive Self-Changes? > Come to Authentic Power Institute and find out the means to authentic personal empowerment through meditations on the four fundamental faculties of self awareness, soul purpose or rational conscience, imagination and free will. ** For those who seek knowledge on self actualization/ realization. Enjoy... :-)

Center for the New Psychology
I am a licensed psychologist who works simultaneously on the physical and emotional energy in and around the body. I am Director of the Center for the New Psychology, which offers personal and global solutions to a healthier and happier world. My innovative work has been taught and published internationally.

Dawning Star Lightbody Path
This Lightbody path is a six month psycho/spiritual web-based journey designed to facilitate individual embodiment of Divine Presence.Dedicated to the mission of Archangel Michael

Doorways to Sovereign Self
Doorways to Sovereign Self designs one-of-a-kind Self-Empowerment Necklaces. Each necklace at Doorways to Sovereign Self is complete with a unique vibrational teaching story necessary to wear gemstones as talismans. Doorways to Sovereign Self carries pure Indian Attars blended for self-empowerment. The Attars at Doorways to Sovereign Self also come complete with teaching story and application guidelines for maximum self-empowerment opportunity. We seek to provide common sense solutions to access the Sovereign Self.

Dr. Rivera's IDEA/ACTION Studio
Headed by Dr. Ramon G. Rivera, Yogi (GrandMaster Teacher) and a staff of expert instructors and managers, Dr. Rivera's Idea/action Studio offers a number of programs for self-improvement, physical fitness and instruction in martial arts.

Forever Expanding Awareness in Liberation (FEAL)
Articles, weblog (blog), and writings exploring the nature of Creation, Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness, the Illusion, and the Living Re-cognition of God.
A directory of free self-help tools and resources. Free e-books, CDs, tapes, Softwares, courses and many more.

Future Life Progression and Past Life Regression
Discover the power of hypnotherapy for connecting with your higher self, healing the body energetically and learning about past and future lives.

In Search of Heaven
Based on the author's personal experience of being in heaven, this site shares accurate knowledge into Jesus, Heaven, God, and Eternal Life. Learn what your spirit looks like and how to obtain Eternal Life, no matter who you are or where you live.

Inspirational Quotes for increased Happiness and Joy in life
Inspirational Quotes that are handpicked to categorized in different life situations. The mission is to help people increase happiness and joy and overcome difficult life situations. To that end there is a section for inspirational picture quotes and another on Heart Warming stories.

Legacy of Light
Discover how to tap into your own healing power. Using different techniques, together we will make breakthroughs and uncover your ultimate mastery to love, prosperity and health. The technique that I believe will bring the most incredible transformation is working with energy, I also may incorporate other techniques or tools such as Healing Touch, Feng Shui, Gem Elixirs, Aromatherapy, Emotional Release Work.

Life Coach Spotter
Learn about life coaching and find your life coach.

Love and Light - Asheville, NC
Love and Light, located in Asheville, NC is a store that provides life coaching, washes, baths, custom soaks, jewelry and other spiritual products that have been infused with the energy of real twin flames.

Marshall House - WebAffirm
WebAffirm is designed to support you in your personal transformation - moment by moment, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year. Each month we focus on a different theme with five different types of affirmations. The daily messages include suggestions for you to work with the affirmations. Subscribers appreciate this list for its inspiration, wisdom, uplifting insights, and personal growth.

Marvelous Publications
If you like to read stories, explore the annals of human emotion and experience or just peruse a poem or two, Marvelous Publications has got it all. Our blog -"Faith in the Making"- is about learning to walk with God in everyday life. There's also some freebie downloads and a free blovel (translation, "blog novel") too, so take a look around and see ..

Mind Body Mastery
Energetic Healing, Spiritual Counselling, Personal Growth Workshops, Metaphysical Study, Yoga, Holistic Fitness.

Renewal Technologies
NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainers Training. NLP newsletter. Free NLP articles.

Sandra Bishop
This is a spiritual how to site with information on meditation, affirmations, and prayer provided by radio talk show host Sandra Bishop.

Organization with things to offer individuals of the Satanic Community. Weekly email packed with knowledge concerning Satanism, discussion groups, member community list, action alerts on new bleak laws,personal guidance, Dark Arts

Shaman Inside Mastery of Deep Trance States
The new frontier is no longer Out There, it's deep within, understanding how the integration of mind/body/spirit can change your life for good is the focus of these programs. Shaman Inside offers the terms/keys and deeper understanding of the Shamanic Practice. Study with Harry Nichols who has been the world over, researching the magicians path and the Shaman's knowing. This is a year long study, introductory level, and advanced levels in the second year include working with sacred plants, earth energies, and deeper connections.

Success Consciousness
Are you seeking for ways to improve your life and attain material success, and at the same time grow spiritually and advance towards spiritual awakening? Visit Success Consciousness and find articles, guidance, ebooks and ezine about spiritual growth and awakening, self-growth, happiness, positive thinking, creative visualization and the development and use of mind power for success.

The Living Art
This is THE Definitive Self-Help Guide! Start Here to Find the BEST Personal Development & Self-Awareness Program. Use Martial Arts Principles without agression.

The Meditation Farm Ashram
The Meditation Farm Ashram in Australia is home to Spiritual Master, Avinash Do. It is a registered charity, offering spiritual education and community service. It is a home for sincere spiritual seekers who yearn for self realisation, and to live a life of compassion and service. The ashram is also an idyllic sanctuary for peace, rest, inspiration and upliftment. Meditation and satsangs take place regularly, as well as courses, classes and charitable works. Guests are welcome for events, and to have longer stays to experience ashram life, and have the rare opportunity to be in close company with an enlightened spiritual master.The ashram is located in the lush hills, forests and valleys of the Wollumbin (Mt Warning), Boarder Ranges and Mt Jerusalem National Parks. 360 degree views of mountains surround the ashram, located in the town of Doon Doon, Northern NSW.

Turtle Vision Healing Arts
Turtle Vision Healing Arts is a practice with over twenty years of hands-on experience helping people with health and trauma issues. By using shamanic and alternative healing techniques, getting to the deeper layers of an issue or problem is easier, leading to your own spiritual health and empowerment.
Revolutionary character development. Inner medicine.

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