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Sexuality Directory

Abyss Distribution & AzureGreen
Largest Metaphysical,Occult Witchcraft Store On the Internet, FREE CATALOG

4 freedoms aphrodisiacs internet guide
aphrodisiacs for men & women. what they are, how they work, where to get them and safety.

4 freedoms music store for lovers
wonderful music to set the mood for love. music for lovers. music for mediation. music for the spirit.

4 Freedoms Tantra
Tantra sacred loving workshops, coaching and speakers service. Learn secrets of erotic love. Modern, easy, fun, safe sex-positive learning for lovers.

Adult Toys
---A Passion Party by Tara-----Nationwide Availablity - Shop on-line for your adult toys! Have a Passion Party~Girls night IN! Earn FREE Products! Become a Sex Toy Consultant..I will training you personally! Host a Passion Party today! Passion Parties are SECRET HIDDEN PLEASURE! Hostesses: *Earn FREE passion sex toys! *Have the girls over for the night of Passion toys *EASY Valentine's, birthday, bachelorette gifts *I do all the EASY passionate work *Lots of fun party giggles *Hostess can purchase SPECIAL PRIVATE PLEASURE party items *New catalogs now available, NEW pleasure toys, new lingerie *Great SHOCKING romantic passion tips *Spice up your SEX life Call me/email me BOOK A Passion PARTY NOW! We have Passion Party consultants nationwide to host your FREE Passion party!Tara Passion Party Independent Become a Passion Party Consultant : *EARN 40% commission on Passion Party products *EASY pleasure products to sell, women WANT to buy these Passion Party products *FREE training, videos, audiotapes, conference calls, one-on-one training, great bond w/strong friendships *You decide how often you want to sell at Passion parties, personally decide *Buy a Passion Party kit for $100 or $250 or $450 *TRAVEL, if you want *Earn FREE Passion Party products *Earn FREE trips *Earn commissions on Passion Party SEX TOYS *DISCOVER large Passion Party bonuses *Etc. Call me/email me NOW! CALL NOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! NOW! DISCOVER our Passion Party company , PROVEN, MONEY is easily made by enhancing LOVE………………………AND SEX Tara Passion Party Indepedent Consultant 219-863-0019 Shop ONLINE NOW

American Daka Academy
Every male has the capability of increasing his heart, mind, soul and sexuality to the level of a living Godhead. Let a Certified Tantric Master show you how.
We specialize in bringing together, through our personals service, those who are interested in the occult, paganism, the paranormal and alternative relationships and spiritual beliefs. This service is presented by

Bonfire Productions offers information about all traditions of sacred sexuality.

Get all Cialis and generic Cialis FAQ, reason behind impotence and erectile dysfunction, the way to overcome, and buy cheap generic Cialis online.

Consultations, Healing & Love Potions
Psychic Consultant, Tantric Shaman & Herbalist offers Readings, Aphrodisiacs and Ceremonies for indiviudals, couples and groups

directory X
Exciting range of adult products to help enhance sexuality.

Energy Healing and Sacred Sexuality with Linda White Dove, M. Ed.
Embrace and improve your life with a quiet mind, open heart and loving body awareness. Living Oneness Energy Healing Sessions and Sacred Sexuality Energy Healing Sessions help you embody your wholeness/divine self for improved relationships, self empowerment, healing of abuse, increased sexual pleasure, inner peace, improved body image, clarity for decision making, and much more.

Finegenerics is online Generic Drugs resource containing quality information on drugs, usage, precautions, side effects, brand drug alternatives, message forum, Generic Drug News etc to help you understand the most effective treatment.

Free Sexual Services for Women in New York City
Free services for women including sexual surrogacy, orgasm, sexual training, tantric skills and techniques workshops. Women only! Based in ancient Tantric as well as modern principles.

Freya Designs
Freya Designs presents graphic art and web hosting solutions for sacred sex and lifestyle publishing, small press erotica, adult entertainment, and artists and artisans producing exotic wares.

Generic Drugs
Buy Authentic Generic Viagra - Cialis – Beware of Fakes and Counterfeit – Free Medical Prescription and Shipping – GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES - Fully Licensed USA Pharmacy – Same Day Delivery –Works faster and better than Viagra with lesser side effects – NO HIDDEN COSTS. - Sexual Health
Sexual Health

Workshops in California

Igniters of the Heart
This site is dedicated to expanding and enhancing all aspects of relationship through education, inspiration, products and referrals.

Institute for Ecstatic Living
Learn modern day Tantra in Timeless Loving workshops with Steve & Lokita Carter and find out about workshops with Margot Anand in the USA.

introduction to tantra
an event presented by swami nostradamus virato as an entry into the tantric lifestyle.

Jade Garden Tantra
We invite you to live your life in Ecstasy! Workshops, classes, private sessions in Tantra, relationship enhancement, Belly Dance, Qi Gong and more! A delightful mix of love and empowerment! Our facilitators have over 25 years experience and welcome you to open to your Divine Self. Attend an event in the Baltimore/Washington area, or if you can sponsor a group in your area, we will come to you! Call 301-924-2245 for information.

Kama Sutra Tantra
Kama Sutra products, Tantra positions guide, and full Kama Sutra text.

Lessons in Intimacy
Seminars, vacation retreats and videos related to the art of sexual intimacy as a sacred and spiritual experience.

Levitra Point
Buy Cheap Levitra - Guaranteed Lowest Prices - First Timers 3x20mg $57, Avail $20 Discount On Refills, Licensed Pharmacies Shipping Usa, No Hidden Costs, Secure Order

Lifestyles Ministry
Supports alternative lifestyles beyond traditional monogamy.

london erotic massage
You can expect pleasant pampering fragile tantric massage for guys, women or couples. A Prestigious Visiting Sexual Massage agency to create unpresidented pleasure to your door, in the capacity for your hotel or YOU can VISIT any of our Magnificent Decadent Tantric Temples across Main London.For more information visit our site.

Massage in Mosciow, Tantra massage, Reiki healing.
Massage in Moscow, Tantra massage, Reiki healing ,★★ offers the most authentic outcall massage in Moscow, Tantra massage, Reiki healing, Welcome to Massage in Moscow, Tantra massage, Reiki healing.

Mentor Creative Services
Michael The Red, CTE, PH.D is a Certified Tantra Educator, Daka and internationally acclaimed Tantric Healer as recently seen on The Discovery Channel and Learning Channel programs on Who's Who in the new Spirtual/ sexual Evolution. His Goddess Initiations have been considered near miraculous.

learning to be free through the exploration of the spirituality of pleasure, sex and relationships. 'Enjoyment is Worship'.

learning to be free through the exploration of the spirituality of pleasure, sex and relationships. 'Enjoyment is Worship'.

natural pleasures plus
alernative viagra for both women and men. all natural. no side effects. increase your sexual desire. put the spark back into your relationship.

Nepal Institute
A portal to the exploration of the Tantric lifestyle and the teachings of Swami Nostradamus Virato

Online Prescriptions - Online Leading Pharmacy offering the widest range of prescription drugs online. Lowest prices- Free Consultation- Discreet Shipping.

Osho Humaniversity
The Humaniversity is an international institute for therapy and professional education offering ongoing workshops and trainings.

Overnight Prescription
Discount pricing on Viagra, Xenical, Propecia, Phentermine and Meridia with confidential and secure processing.

Oz Tantra
Oceana & Icarus teach Tantra Yoga Weekend Workshops and Residential Retreats in Australia. From SEX to LOVE and BEYOND. Fall In Love Again. The Art of Tantric Sex for Singles and Couples.

Pam Babbitt, S.I. and Ed Fell, M.S.
In person and by-phone (tollfree) heartful and holistic guidance for sexuality, intimacy and relationships for all orientations and relationship paths.

Passion by Lili
From Mild to wild a website designed by women for women.Adult Toy Parties for women, book a home party or become a consultant. Exclusive Romantatherapy line with pheromones, quality bedroom toys, games and sensual products, Shop online

Passion Parties by Melody
Shop in the privacy of your own home with friends! I bring the store to your living room and give a brief explanation of the products along with some great tips and giggles!

Paul David Stanko
A look at the spiritual aspects of homosexual and heterosexual people. Dreamvisions explore may aspects of the spiritual realm and its implications in the temporal world.

Powergasm Meditation New York
A holistic, educational, spiritual and fun Tantra like technique for all!

Premature ejaculation
Dapoxetine hydrochloride, a drug being reviewed by FDA for treatment of premature ejaculation. Currently undergoing Phase III clinical evaluation.

Rapido TV
Alternative Culture for Alternative People

Magic spells offered by a traditional witch with 55 years experience

River Of Life
Picture- essay of the Women of the Temple in Ancient India. From health and body-care to beauty, dance and love-making, they taught, demonstrated and aided society.

Sacred Tantra Directory
Directory listing of the best and certified tantra practitioners, massage therapists, sex coaches, yoga and reiki in Europe and the world

Shamanesque Enterprises
Shama - Tantric Dakini Educator and Sexual Healer

Silk Star
Learn how to enhance your sensual pleasures with videos, sexy clothes and toys.

Snow Time Forums
Promotes and encourages both alternative lifestylers and vanillas to participate together to form a non judgemental and fully integrated community. Enjoy discussions and debates on a diverse variety of subjects, participate in the games and quizes, contribute to the riginal art and poetry sections, join in the fun and mayhem in the chatters areas and generally being part of a unique atmosphere.

Soul Brasil
Soul Brasil magazine - Multi-cultural art, spirituality, love, sex, relationships, yoga, capoeira, tourism in Brazil, alterantive healing, health & nutrition and global concern.

Submissive Women Speak
Practical, experienced-based advice about how to seek out or be happy in a master-slave relationship.

Sunyata Satchitananda
Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Tantric Healer & Reiki Master. Specializing in sexual healing and relationship counseling. Skype counseling sessions world-wide.

Susan Kramer
Union with the Self in all; discovered through loving relationships.

Natural aphrodisiac Boom! is an herbal extract based on a chinese herbal formula. Boom! boosts sexual pleasure and helps to maintain healthy erectile function.

Tantra At Tahoe
Indescribable sexual ecstasy, relationship intimacy, and spiritual growth await you on the fascinating journey of Supreme Bliss Tantra. That's our style of teaching the secrets of Spiritual Sex and the Kama Sutra so you can learn to fully savor your innermost desires.

Tantra in Atlanta
information & articles on tantra & events in the Atlanta area

Tantra Magic
Learn ancient tantric techniques to restore intimacy in your relationship. We offer books, videos, articles and items to related subjects

Tantra Magic
Discover the ancient secrets of Tantra, Kama Sutra, tantric massage ritual, sacred sex

Tantra Nova Institute
Drawing on the system of ancient tantric practices, the discipline of generative language, and the distinctions of human development, Dr. Meuth and Mr. Weaver offer their clients the possibility of transforming the western dualistic view of sexuality and spirituality into an integrated and unified way of being with oneself and others.

Tantric Spirit, A Way of Life
Learn about Tantra, Tantric living, and achieving cosmic orgasm. Great exotic and erotic products ranging from games of love to Botantica Erotica.

Tao Directory
Taoism and Taoist arts directory, articles, books, downloads and events.

Temple of Isis
Offering services and information including: body, mind, soul integration, tantra, reiki, hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling

The nights for agapanthus - a novel
The story of a man whose wife has many boyfriends.

The Temple at Sacred Haven
A not-for profit spiritual organization, Sacred Haven offers its visitors self-awareness experiences which enhance the sacred sensual in us all. The Awakening Body at Sacred Haven is about enjoying total presence in one's physical self through the magic of balancing touch and energetic interaction.

third millennium magic, inc
new ideas and directions for new paradigm relationships and integrating sacred sexuality into a dynamic eclectic blend... for singles and couples 'born' at the end of 2006, and stems in the wish to share information about the well being of infants and new parents. We comprehend how much enjoyable having a baby, but this feeling is usually mixed with emotions of confusion - the best way to present the top care for the child.For extra data stop by our web site.

Total Body Orgasm.
At last a simple method to achieve ultimate union, timeless spiritual bliss, ecstasy, total body/mind/spirit orgasm, sexual fulfillment and supreme pleasure

herbal sexual enhancement formulas for men and women.

Wet Dreams Productions
WDTCo. is an progressive theatre company working with themes of alternative sexuality, and promoting the individual expression of sexuality as normal, healthy and positive!

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