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American Truths
Audio presentations quoting historic documents contrasting the values, beliefs, and behaviors of indigenous and immigrant cultures and of the history, content, impactof the universal declaration of human rights and convention on the elimination of discrimination against women.

Another Perspective
A series of fact-based, and often acerbic, articles that offer the moderate/progressive view of today's politics and politicians that is so lacking in the conservative media.

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
info on nuclear power, radiation, nuclear weapons, radwaste, uranium, plutonium, non-nuclear alternatives:photos, graphics, historical summaries, information digests.

We are a network committed to overcoming corporate globalization and all forms of oppression. We are part of a growing movement united in common concern for justice, freedom, peace and sustainability of all life, and a commitment to take direct action to realize radical visionary change.

Community Biodiversity Network
A non-government, community-based network of Australian organisations acting to encourage and catalyse community action through:promoting biodiversity, its value, and positive conservation activities in collaboration with existing networks and organisations; and providing easier access to information on biodiversity conservation
This is a place where all can come together in discussions intended to cause global transformation. This site is being created by people who envision a place where divisions between politics and spirituality, art and science, history and philosophy, education and freedom, can be bridged in light of our common vision of global peace, freedom and abundance for all.

Green Dove
Green Dove is a resource site for peace featuring peace words and links to culture, education, alternative currency ,poetry, art, news, essays and green resources.

Heaven Org
Volunteerism, advocacy links and resources.

Home: Nuclear Watch of New Mexico
The mission of Nuclear Watch of New Mexico is to provide timely and accurate information to the public on nuclear issues in New Mexico and the Southwest. Through the resulting empowerment of effective citizen action, Nuclear Watch of New Mexico seeks to promote both greater safety and environmental protection at regional nuclear facilities and federal policy changes that genuinely encourage international efforts to curb the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Offering tools for self-improvement through Kabala Words of Wisdom.

La Vie En Jaune

Land Lords of the World
The Web Site introduces a book devoted to the root economic causesof worldwide overty,injustice,and how to remove them. It offers a Free Download of the first three chapters.Publisher calls it a "historic breakthrough and brilliant in the clarity of its presentation of a complex subject and startling in its revelations."

Liberty Action Collective
Liberty Action! is dedicated to the idea that there can be no justice in a society that is not based on natural or civil rights, that our rights only exist when we exercize them, and that when these rights are exercized without hesitation and without fear, the justice they speak of will enter this world. Non-hierarchical direct action by individuals and communities is the catalyst needed for this change to come about.

Local Politics
This new non-partisan political website aims to address apathy in the UK by empowering voters and setting up on-line local constituency offices - visit our to have your say about local member of parliament.
Promote government and business transparency. Organize and list websites that follow specific issues that affect all our lives in the areas of environment, nonviolence, social change, human rights. Also has info on U. S. economic indicators.

Off Center Video
We produce and sell videos on Worker-owned Collectives, the Beijing Women's Conference, and Canada's Health System.

Regulatory Compliance History Information Service

Planet 21
This is a richly illustrated internet gateway into the issues of population, poverty, health, consumption and the environment. It is sponsored by IUCN,IPPF,UNFPA and WWF and 18 international non government organizations.

ProgressiveSecretary is a secretarial service that sends out progressive email letters to Congress, the President, and other officials on peace, ecology, civil rights and other issues. We ascertain that a campaign led by established, reliable organizations is underway, we then compose letters, and forward them to participants for their approval. Once we receive permission from a participant, we send the letter on that person's behalf, in his/her name.

Questionmark Foundation
A personal homepage about being hip, among other things.

Right To Fight Coalition
supporters of legal defense for women's rights and James S. Pendergraft, MD

A global resource for information relating to hate and bias crimes. Artists from all over the world have contributed hundreds of linking graphics available in several pages of galleries for free download to help spread this simple, yet powerful message.

exploring how to live in more harmony with ourselves, each other and Big Mama. Using fine art, video, organic growing, solar energy, shamanism.

Sweatshop Free America
Resource for finding sweatshop free, union made and fair trade products.

The Burning Times
A provocative exploration into the historical and modern day Burning Times through artwork, articles, resources, and more....from the souls of Witches to the hearts and minds of all humankind.

The New Eagle
The New Eagle, an independent, online journal of ideas, offers alternative perspectives on the news, with links to many sources.

The Seedling Project-Helping Prisoners to Help Themselves
The Seedling Project-Helping Prisoners to Help Themselves. Our organization sends a FREE monthly newsletter to prisoners helping them to understand how they constantly create, and re-create their reality. Our members sponsor each prisoner by 'adopting' them throughout the period of their incarceration. Donations of stamps always welcome!

The Truth Tree
Liberal opinion; moderated public forums for rational, scientific, and cordial discussion on the most controversial issues of our times. Poetry, short stories, and math and logic puzzles.

TransFair USA
TransFair USA is the only organization certifying Fair Trade practices in the US. Fair Trade Certified coffee and tea are available across the US through over 70 different companies.

An extensive listing of resource links for homeless & humanitarian causes, plus a homeless "start" page offering free email, group networking, local help, and short and long-term solutions.
A novel by Tom W. Miller. Examines the pros, cons, and ethics of human cloning.

Your Preacher May Not Want You To Read This
A new book by Andrea Lynn Steele.

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