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Spiritual Centers Directory

a pilgrimage in japan
Story of a traditional pilgrimage to zen temples in Japan. - Spiritual Church - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Spiritual Church, Churches 2 Of 3, Religious Organizations, Community Services.

Alternate Realities, Inc.
spiritual healer/clairvoyant who uses various modalities in healing the spirit and calming the mind. with the use of high frequency essential oils, stones, reiki energy, healing masters and music, my sessions are customized for the individual and their needs. the classes and workshops i teach provide spiritual tools to help people empower themselves and unlock their own potential, helping them harmonize their spirit, mind and body with the universe and the God of their hearts.

Amazing Magic Spells Love Spells & Money Spells
Magic spells like love spells money spells also talismans, charms , voodoo dolls and informations on wcca and witchcraft available

Ananda Church of Self-Realization of Seattle
Ananda was founded by Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) and is based on the teachings, including kriya yoga, of Paramhansa Yogananda. We offer hatha and raja yoga practices.

Apex Learning Center
Apex Learning Center is committed to facilitating Spiritual Growth through a variety of different avenues:Meditation, Healing, Creativity and Communication ClassesBody/Health and Creativity HealingsWeekly Healing CircleWeekly Meditation HourWestern Suburbs Spirituality Resource CenterProfessional Psychic Energy Readings, Past Life Regressions and much more!

Ascensive Light Spiritual Center
Metaphysical Workshops and Classes (Merkaba, Sacred Geometry, Meditation, Spirtual Discussion groups, Drumming etc.) Healing sessions: Reiki, Flower of Life, Multidimensional, Past Life, Hypnosis. Belly Dance and Sacred/Spiritual Dance Classes

ascordia center of light
new age center for personal growth - spiritual counseling, psychic readings, reiki energy treatments, programs in angel awareness,meditation,personal growth, new age and angel related products

Ask Lady Di
Spiritually gifted minister offering aura and psychic readings, mediumship readings, medical intuitive readings, spiritual counseling, grief counseling, help with missing persons, crimes, haunts and demonology. Di has an extremely high l level of accuracy and does not use any form of divination, as she receives her messages directly from spirit. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Avalon Institute
Offering classes and tools for personal energy management and development of your Spiritual Abilities; personal, spiritual counceling and healing.

Avatar Pennsylvania
Create the reality you prefer with the Avatar Course & ReSurfacing Playshops.

Beacons of Love & Light
Meditations, Contemplations, Prayers & Warm Fuzzies. There are also essays on enlightenment & the ego and links to award winning spiritual sites (they won the award I give out). Abide in love and light.

The Enlightenment Intensive offers the time and place to contemplate with the intent to experience Truth directly.

Buffalo Spirit Lodge
Rustic Sancuary in Western New York. Camping Spring, Summer & Fall. Native American Teachings, drumming,workshops, gatherings.

CAER is one of Europe's longest established centres, located on an ancient sacred site.

Celestial Tours
Through stone circles, fairy mounds, castles and mystical glens we invite you to join us on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and healing as we retrace the steps of ancient pilgrims. Led by international healers Richard Paterson and Rosemary Rayn

Center Eaton Institute for New Thought
Providing Energy Healing and Reiki, Metaphysics-related seminars, Goddess Studies and women's retreats

Center for Conscious Living
A loving supportive spiritual community, sharing universal principles, which, when practiced, transform lives and create a world that is good for all. All are welcome to our celebration of life services on Sundays or any of our offerings.

Center for Joy
An international, interdimensional spiritual organization "Dedicated to Evoking the Divine Inner Light in All Life." Live from your Heart and Live your Life's Purpose

Center for Spiritual Living Princeton
Our Center provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. You will find community, connection, spiritual education, support and a loving, diverse group of people.

Center for Transformational Studies - Awaken the Heart Spiritual Healing
Our Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing will help you expand your consciousness, live in the present moment, and develop trust and inner peace, while healing your core issues. Learn how to partner and commune with nature, honor the land and become an Earth Guardian. Sign up for our cross-cultural, shamanic apprenticeship today.

center of spiritual science (centrum für geistiges wissen)
huna training in st. leon-rot (near heidelberg), germany. training and travel in yucatan, mexico in 1999. eugen f. müller, heiler/energietherapeut. seminare, aus- & weiterbildung, mitglied im dachverband geistiges heilen, mitglied der huna-forschungsgesellschaft.

offering spiritual life readings, cellular healing, teachings from the council, earth change information, totem helpers, classes, insights from a time traveler and more

Church of Today
The Church of Today is a Unity Church located in the metro Detroit area of Southeastern Michigan. We are a welcoming & celebrating intentional community of faith. We support all paths to the God and hold sacred a space for you to move as deeply as you choose into your spiritual nature. Marianne Williamson is the Spiritual Leader of the Church of Today.

More than 30 Musicians, Group Facilitators, Artists and Healers have all chosen to contribute in their own special way, in the spirit of loving gift and energy exchange, to make what started as a simple vision, turn into the wonder of creation…

crystal tarot
center for self-healing and empowerment using the modalities of tarot, crystal healing, meditation, dream analysis, goddess invocation, a crystal healing questionnaire to help people overcome the obstacles that are blocking them from, actualizing their goals

Dawn Institute
Non-profit educational and spiritual organization developed to guide the efforts of several smaller components including Centers for: Education; Wellness & Healing Arts; Creative Arts; Research and World Peace

Dr. Chet Snow
Spiritual and Healing Events in Sedona, Arizona, organized by Dr. Chet Snow. Also small-group travel to Mother Meera, England's Crop Circles, and Cathar - Holy Grail sacred sites in France.

Dream Fields Online
Dream Fields is a new consciousness center like no other. Featuring a vast retail section with books, crystals, candles, incense and more, we also have a juice bar. We have four treatment rooms offering an array of massage and body services. Our yoga studio has no equal. See for yourself on our website.

Elemental Pathways
A multifaceted center featuring arts & crafts by Traditional and Specialty Artisans, incl. fine sketches, painting, beadwork, leather crafts, pottery, drums, flutes, and other unique items & gifts. Plus Star Knowledge, Reiki & other specialty workshops.

Eshwar Bhakti
Offers online pooja services from India. Gives information on wide range of Vedic puja rituals and accepts booking of homam and yagna booking service by Hindu priests. They specialize in individual poojas based on your problem and astrology chart.

Findhorn Foundation
The Findhorn Foundation is an international community based on spiritual values, a centre of adult education and a demonstration Ecological Village.

FISU Meditation
First established in 1988, Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment (FISU) provides courses for meditation and spiritual unfoldment. FISU is an international, non-denominational, non-sectarian organisation registered as a UK Educational Non Profit Making Charity (No: 1061185) headquartered in London.

Fountain of Light
Healing & Inner Development Center

A Healing Center in a Valley with Meditative feeling, run by doctors of Alternative Medicine

George Carey
After attending a 3 day seminar one can radiate the Light of the creator God from ones hands. This has the effect of purifying everything it touches on all 3 levels, Spiritual, Mental and Physical.

Golden Heart Wellness Center
Healing Space for enlightment and Spiritual Growth. Workshops and classes are on-going.Services: Energy/Intuitive Healing, Massage, Light and Color Therapies, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, and more.

Grace Spiritual Community
We offer introductory and professional workshops in spiritual healing.

grace spiritual community - havre de grace, md
education, training, publications, services and networking in natural and spiritual healing

Griffin's Gate
Connecting people to spirit & nature w/ visionary artwork, gemstone jewelry, nature adventures, psychic readings, healings, classes and more.

House of Tia Crystal Spiritual Store and Gallery
The House of Tia Crystal is a healing art gallery in Boca Raton that is also a spiritual center and store with classes on meditation, yoga, and more!

Hypnosis Works!
Classes, Reiki Masters, Training & Referrals, Spiritual Circles, Intuitive Readings! Find your path in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Illumination Unlimited
Based in Arizona, Illumination Unlimited offered courses customized for individuals, businesses or groups who wish to find the sacred in the ordinary and resolve life's small conflicts easily.

Insight Meditation Society
Residential retreat center offering year-round vipassana meditation courses in rural Massachusetts

Institut Clearmind Institute - Montreal - Quebec
Bilingual - We offer unique Courses, Study Groups, Workshops, combining psychology and spirituality with miracles.

Institute for Spiritual Development
A mystical church for metaphysical living.

JC Christian Counseling
Individual counseling, A one-on-one atmosphere to individuals seeking guidance in their personal lives. We offer Individual counseling Services.

Light Path Enterprises
We provide intuitive training, spiritual retreats in Hawai'i, channeled Light Being readings and tools to attune to spiritual light.

Lily Dale Assembly
The world's largest center for the religion of Spiritualism begins it's 133rd year on June 29th. Visit our website for the schedule of daily events, workshops and special events.

Mac Gibson and Neva Howell
A nonprofit spiritual center offering camping retreats, alternative healing, ceremony and prayers.

Youth Center and youth hostel Trbovlje is located in the city centre of Trbovlje, in the new building between two streets – Ulica 1. Junija and Trg svobode. It is located close to many major locations such as Delavski dom Trbovlje (cultural center),museum,library Tone Seliškar,sports facilities and city market.

Meditation in Florida
Kadampa Buddhism offers modern-day Buddhism designed for Westerners. It offers Buddha's timeless techniques in a way that is easy to understand and apply in our daily lives. Learn to do good, Cease to do harm, Control the mind, And benefit others. Ongoing meditation classes, retreats, Puja's, wonderful Sangha!Throughout all of Florida.

Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy
Ascended Master teachings, ascension mastery, channeling, healing, ascension work, books,tapes, videos by Wistancia Stone and Dr. Joshua David Stone, annual Wesak celebration in Mt. Shasta, CA, global network and global branches of academy

META Center New York
META Center is Manhattans #1 destination for Consciousness Raising, Cutting Edge Spiritual & Metaphysical Education, Healing and the Creative Arts

Mount Eden Retreat
189 ACRE HILLTOP PARADISE IN SCENIC WARREN COUNTY NEW JERSEY features Love and Lightfilled hospitality for group retreats/workshops/seminars/training. Superb Organic Vegetarian Food, Comfortable accomodations for 30 people, healing arts, metaphysical library, nature trails, sweat lodge, and more.

Mountain Light Sanctuary
Secluded Spiritual Retreat Center located in the mountains of Western North Carolina (USA) near Asheville, NC.

Mystic Goddess and Temple of Mystic Light Spiritual Metaphysical Center
The Mystic Goddess and Temple of Mystic Light Spiritual Metaphysical Center, is a resource haven for body, mind and spirit. Created for the purpose of providing tools for spiritual growth and development; offering guidance for spiritual wholeness. We treat our livelihood as our spiritual work, a way of life, which carries through to the services we provide. We are a complete spiritual, metaphysical, holistic and magical center. We have been serving the Tampa Bay area for over eleven years. Many of our selections are now also available through our online service.We have a variety of products: 20, 000 books, (several hundred at 20% off) tarot cards, (most complete selection in the state of FL.) bags, silk scarves and boxes, runes, CD's/cassettes, video rentals, gift items, incense, herbs, (approx. 330 different herbs, including dragons blood and graveyard dust) smudge sticks & supplies, aromatherapy, essential oils, bottles and droppers, diffusers, candles, pendulums, scrying mirrors, sarongs, ritual items, (athames, wands, cauldrons, shells, burner bowls, altar cloths, feathers, quills, inks, wax and seals, tiles, chalices) mortar and pestles, magick potions, statuary, Egyptian, Kuan Yins, Buddhas, Wizards, Fairies, crystals, gemstones, (250 different tumbled gemstones) pouches, crystal balls, Feng Shui supplies, jewelry, (hugh supply of pentacles, celtic, goddess) crowns, pentagram rings, greeting cards, bumper stickers, windchimes, astrology charts, astrology and witches' calendars/date books/almanacs, and everything you expect a complete Spiritual Metaphysical Supply Center to provide. We also provide spiritual services on Sunday at 10:30 am, with healing and everyone receives a psychic message. We do séances, psychic gatherings/parties, nightly classes, lectures, regressions, hypnotherapy, counseling, healings, Reiki, EMF Balancing, daily readings and psychic fairs to help you on your path. We offer you a safe and comfortable atmosphere filled with scent and wonderful music for your pleasure.

Nityananda Institute
a community dedicated to authentic spiritual practice in the tradition of Trika Yoga, a form of kundalini yoga, based in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Swami Chetanananda in 1971.

Omega Institute
Nation's largest holistic learning center offering innovative workshops, spiritual retreats, and wellness vacations at our beautiful 140-acre campus in Rhinebeck, NY just two hours north of New York City.

OMNA Directory
A directory of over 70 monasteries of the Orthodox Christian Faith that includes facitities and policies for overnight visits and retreats.

Option Healthcare of Arizona
Soaring Eagle Sacred Journeys focuses on personal healing and spiritual pilgrimages to sacred sites of the world. Small groups of 10-12 individuals traveling together to deepen our spiritual planetary connections, heighten our recognition of the sacred and to become more self-empowered. Our current focus is on the ancient sites of England. Join us on one of our adventures of a lifetime!

Pillars of Light Center
A Center for alternative and spiritual healing as well as classes and workshops to ignite a spark in your soul!

Island, sea, and mountain retreats: journeys to sacred places with small groups of spiritual travelers, celebrating the milestones in our lives.

River Canyon Retreat
A spiritual retreat in nature celebrating with "raw foods", workshops, trainings, support and personal and group retreats, festivals and ceremonies

Saint Michael Sanctuary
Doctor of Homeopathy, ND, Acupuncturist, Iridologist, Medical Intuitive, author of 6 books and of numerous articles, Michael is a very grounded individual who combines natural gifts with an extensive knowledge of the esoterical tradition.

Soluna Tours
Soluna Tours, one of the leading companies in the field of transformational travel, offers sacred travel programs to Egypt, Peru, England/Ireland, India, Mexico & Central America. Tour Host Mark Amaru Pinkham, author of The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom and Conversations with the Goddess. Smaller groups. Reasonable rates. Private meditations/ceremonies. Experienced bilingual metaphysical guides.

Spirit Falls personal spiritual retreat
Secluded in mountain forest east of Sedona, AZ, Spirit Falls offers affordable cabin hermitages by waterfalls (kitchen, bath, deck) for personal spiritual retreat--silent retreats, meditation, self-discovery, spiritual awakening, yoga, healing, and fasting. Suggested $300-500/week

Spirit in Action Center
Resources to help you achieve balance in all areas of life. We have counselors, alternative healthcare practitioners, dance and martial arts instructors, spiritual mentors and a large lending library. We also have space available at an hourly rate for use by practitioners, teachers and seminar leaders.

Spiritual Renaissance Center
Center for healing, transformation, and metaphysics specializing in astrology, jungian psychology, ceremomy and ritual, world change and revolution

Spirituele praktijk Amersfoort De Energiebol Healing
U kunt hier terecht voor diversen healings voor mens en dier

steer your own life
We offer spiritual & personal development weeklong workshops in our beautiful farmhouse in Catalunya, Spain. The workshops are run by our own Intuitive counsellor who also offers individual one to one work.

Stonehenge Tour Company
Daily guided tours of Stonehenge stone circle. Other small group tours include Glastonbury, King Arthur Country, Avebury, Avalon, Crop Circles and much more..

Suryamuni Healing Center
Suryamuni Healing Center is a non-profit spiritual healing center to help people with physical diseases or mental disorders and for transformation and spiritual growth to balance mind, spirit and body.

The Ascordia Center
New Age Center for personal growth and spiritual development located in Philadelphia, Pa. Personal services include Reiki energy healing treatments,chakra balncing, spiritual counseling, channeled readings, metaphysical instruction. Programs include private tutoring in meditation, spiritual awareness,healing and channeling. Products available to public are meditation tapes, channeled information, books, crystals and angel gifts. Gift certificates and discounts are available for all services and products

The Center Of Light Church & Spiritual Center
A Christian Spiritualist community for ritual healing and education.

The Crystal Chamber Healing Center
The Crystal Chamber Healing Center offers spiritual counseling, ordinations, Psychic Readings, Channeling, Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki classes, Reiki Massage, Hypnotherapy classes and Hypnotherapeutic Reiki as well as courses in Hypnosis and Gaian Studies, including Shamanism, Wicca, Meditation, and Awareness classes.

The Haidakhandi Samaj UK web site
The web site of the Haidakhandi Samaj in the UK.

The Inner Light Center
A safe place of healing and spiritual awakening, supporting you in realizing your Celestial Self.

The Interfaith Institute for Esoteric Spiritual Studies and Research
The Interfaith Institute offers esoteric and spiritual training, initiation, and ordination.

The MBS Lightworking Center
The Mind, Body and Spirit Lightworking Center is a website of sharing. We feature Intuitive Readings, Reiki and Energy Healing, and classes on various topics.

The Mind-Spirit Institute
The Mind-Spirit Institute is a spiritual center dedicated to supporting and assisting others in rebuilding their health, lifestyle, self-confidence and peace of mind through alternative self-care.

The Ninth Street Center
This site exists to introduce people to the work of the real Ninth Street Center, a not-for-profit volunteer organization, and the ideas of Paul Rosenfels. Paul was a Chicago-based psychiatrist who, after breaking with psychoanalysis in the 1940's, developed his own ideas about human relationships. The Ninth Street Center was founded in 1973 to teach Paul's innovative insights to creative and independent men and women, many of whom have gone on to become teachers and leaders themselves.

The Paracelsian Order
264 Ac. retreat in S. Calif. near Tecate, Mex. Vegetarian food, clean air, fresh spring water, 10,000 volume library,lots of silence and a truly unique experience. This is an eclectic monastery, all positive paths are welcome. Individuals and small groups (only 20 beds)for your guided or unguided spiritual adventure. Lots of camping space for larger groups.

The Princeton Center for Applied Intuition
The Princeton Center for Applied Intuition offers consultation, training, seminars, and lectures on a wide array of metaphysical and spiritual topics.

The Starlight Spiritual Development Centre
A support site for the Starlight Spiritual Development Centre of Western Australia. A research site for those wishing to explore their spiritual self and to learn.

Vipassana Hawaii
Insight Meditation retreats and weekly sitting group in Honolulu and Big Island of Hawaii

WindSpirit Ranch
Horse Heaven Hills; Site for Native American/Celtic Healing & spirituality; with the use of animals; particularly horses; for healing/centering

Wonewoc Spiritual Center
Center provides psychic readings, spiritual healings, workshops on various topics and cabin camping in rustic surroundings during the summer months in Wisconsin.
indiayogi welcomes you on a spiritual journey of self-discovery,and endeavours to provide a gateway to spiritual resources in India.

Yoga Vini Rishikesh
“Yogavini” is one of the renowned yoga schools in the beautiful seneric view of the hills of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand state. Yoganivi is a registered Yoga school providing the yoga knowledge and training under the guidance of yoga experts. Yogavini Rishikesh is situated at Laxmanjhula in Trimbakeshwar Temple on the bank of river Holy Ganga in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. The campus of Yogavini Ashram provides the accommodation and meal also to the yoga aspirants. Yogavini is offering the 200 hour training session in Yoga Teachers Training Certificate (TTC) to generate the teachers as per the guidelines of Yoga Alliance Association (YAA). After completion this training, one can open the own Yoga Academy anywhere in the world. This training will include the awareness, knowledge, tool & technique of yoga, philosophy and culture of yoga.

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