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Spiritual Movements Directory

I straightforward invite you to this worldly connection of god and their function for the procedures of performing magical rites. I ensure you with the best voodoo and love spell which will embody magical powers.

*free teachings from the contemporary rose-cross*
the living and modern message of the rose-cross; a basic introduction to the teachings of the rose-cross; the call of the rose and the way of the cross; the rule of the order; the universal reform; the secrets of the rose-cross

A resource for those starting out on the Spiritual path.

A book:
This site is about the real ourseleves, the inner self. The one we are parted from by the viel of the ego. Articals and essyes by Gabriel ben yehuda. who wrote a book on the subjecy.

A Place of Wholeness, An Interfaith Ministry
Sharing of Spiritual Journey and opportunity of sharing your own on webpage.

Adhiparasakthi Trust
Spiritual movement for the upliftment of spirituality in all religions through understanding and service to humanity.

Advayavada Buddhism Infocenter - Amsterdam
Information about Advayavada Buddhism, with Questions and Answers section.

AFC Enterprises
Native peoples; Spiritual wellness; a new construct of reality; near death research; formal logic of philosophy; mythological images; after death communication.

Agora Arising Universal Ministry
AAUM is the home of Our Heavenly Family, a growing online community of Light Servers dedicated to being "in loving service to ALL" and assisting Light Servers in healing themselves and their lives and in raising their vibration and the Vibration of the Whole through Enlightenment (a process called Ascension).

Aradia's Blog
Blog w/ commenting capabilities; astrology, poetry, activism, consciousness, evolution, interfaith spirituality, personal spiritual journey, wicca, healing, prophecies, women, inspiration, health and well-being.

Arden Unity Center
Spiritual journal from Unity family - give up your suffering! Learn to live with more joy and peace! Free articles, quotes, jokes, prayer request, more.

Ascension Research Center
The Ascended Masters Teachings released during the 19th and 20th Centuries through The Theosophical Society, The I AM Activity, The Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse, and now The Temple of The Presence.

ATMA Institute
The Atma Institute is dedicated to Spiritual Awakening and exploration of consciousness. Satsang with Aja, a realized teacher, in Self Inquiry, and courses in Sanskrit and Mantra.

ATOMS spiritual site
Today's world Avatar, a Living Bourcharan Master's (Sri Darwin Gross) Page

Dedicated to the sharing of spiritual or profound life experiences.

Bay Area Pathwork
The Pathwork™ is a profound spiritual path of transformation and self-purification. It is based on a series of 258 lectures that were channeled through Eva Pierrakos from 1957 until her death in 1979.

Center for the New Psychology
Free information about human fulfillment- love, relationships, sex, body & soul care, tapes. Achieve healthy emotional & physical energy flow without drugs. Q & A

Chinese Health Institute
A resource for Taoist health arts, including T'ai-Chi, Chi-Kung, Taoist philosophy, TCM, herbs, and more. Free Chinese horoscope, free postcards, weekly Taoist chat.

Church of Truth
A Christian Metaphysical Community in Pasadena, CA

Cosmic Tree Fellowship
Cosmic Tree Fellowship publishes and promotes the spiritual teachings of the Holy Man Sri Nirodhananda, otherwise known as Nirji.

D.A.T. Publications, Israel
D.A.T. publishes the works The Revealed Spiritual Master of our time, Shlomo Kalo. The site is a woundrous place, unique in the world. It contains excerpts, wisdom pictures and quotes. It open the gates for those who are confused by New Age but still be

An unofficial reference to Adidam (Free Daism) and the Great Tradition

Dennis Mattson
Directory of Spiritualist churches, campgrounds and organizations from around the world.

Egogahan: Til We Meet Again
A site dedicated to the memories and ongoing communication with our loved ones who have passed from this life into the next.

essene teachings
the home of the essene teachings on the net!

Falun Gong - San Diego
"'The Buddha Fa' is an insight into all mysteries. It encompasses everything and leaves out nothing.... " - Li HongzhiTo those who are skeptical and wish to take the "Pepsi Challenge" go to: ( you wish to explore further and live near San Diego, click above. We have numerous free workshops and introduction seminars. Why not? It won't ever cost you one red cent.

Family of Light
Online spiritual community, books, authors, magazine, free newletter, spiritual travel.

Fellowship for Intentional Community
The information source for intentional communities on the web.

Foundation For World Awakening
We offer very powerful workshops to people who are truly seeking transformation and enlightenment; who are thirsting for truth and love, who are hungering for the Profound Mystical Experience that will transform their lives. Meditations to purify the physical and psychic bodies, chakra meditation, hatha yoga, trama release and ancient teachings and practices that will alter your perception of life and helping to perfect ones relationships.

Foundation For World Awakening
We offer very powerful workshops to people who are truly seeking transformation and enlightenment; who are thirsting for truth and love, who are hungering for the Profound Mystical Experience that will transform their lives. Meditations to purify the physical and psychic bodies, chakra meditation, hatha yoga, trama release and ancient teachings and practices that will alter your perception of life and helping to perfect ones relationships.

george's sukyo mahikari page
mahikari is the ancient art of giving the truelight of the creator of heaven and earth. this light is radiated from the palms and purifies the spiritual cells of the body to bring about real change in our lives.

GraceWatcher Ministries
This site deals with UFO's, ascension, and lightwork

h.o.o.r. information network
the official web site of the holy order of rahoorkhuit

Hawk Consulting
Wizards Can Too Be Christian!

Heaven and Earth
Products for the New Age and Pagan Revival. Everything from Astrology to Zen! A unique blend of Higher Spiritual Awareness, and Grounded Earth Based Consciousness!

JC Christian Counseling
Individual counseling, A one-on-one atmosphere to individuals seeking guidance in their personal lives. We offer Individual counseling Services.

Knights of Dawn
We promote the spirit and the moral values of medieval Knighthood in a modernized way, in order to face efficiently all the challenges of our civilization.

lectorium rosicrucianum
spiritual school of the golden rosycross. modern gnostic movement which teaches and practices the inner path from the nature of death to the nature of true life.

Living Epistles Ministries
Original, Spiritual Translation of Old & New Testament - Spiritual Studies, Books, Illustrations

Lou Majors
Learning to become a 'conscious' creator and take your mature and rightful place in the multiverses.

Mahikari-USA, non-profit organization, offers "Spiritual Training" & "Spiritual Volunteer" programs in society, based on the "Mahikari-no-waza," which purifies spiritual aspects of everything, and the "Teaching of Righteous Law," the guiding principle of life.

MSIA teaches Soul Transcendence -- becoming aware of yourself as a Soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality. Focuses on practical spirituality.

Native American Church
Native American ceremonies, healing, ceremonies, lectures, teaching

One World Movement
Organizations that become Global Partners of OWM form part of the consciousness which supports life, wholeness and goodness in all of its forms. There are no followers in OWM. All are leaders. Each organization is a Light Army of one, working for the survival and improvement of our human race and of the Earth, our Mother. Global Partners of OWM are known as "Rainbow Warriors"*. They are organizations whose agenda it is to participate in human and planetary upliftment by taking the appropriate actions which in one or more of the following ways:

order of the dorje-cross
spirituality for the 21st. century! combines elements of eastern spiritual philosophy with modern scientific concepts in a unique system of study, derived from an ancient oral tradition.

PowerSoul exists to empower you on your divine journey by equipping you with the wisdom and tools to living in soulful alignment. PowerSoul Enrichment Experience will ignite the vibrant spectrum of your supreme self. The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Now is the time to live your best life.

Pure Mind Foundation
Ancient spiritual meditation practice unveils the purpose of human life, the true reincarnation process, and how the Pure Mind Path relates to everyday life. Free monthly newsletter and a book are available for guidance.

Rose+Cross Lessons in Internet.

Rosicrucian Fellowship
The Rosicrucian Fellowship teaches a spiritual way of life through esoteric Christianity. The focus is on soul growth by enlightened service, progressing through levels of initiation, evolving voluntary clairvoyance, proving the existence of life after death, the laws of Consequence and Rebirth,

sahlan cherpitel
Bapak Subuh, founder of Subud international spiritual association, featuring his statements with photos by Sahlan Cherpitel, Subud contact.

Seven Star Lodge - Wolf Moondance Author
Author Wolf Moondance and the Seven Star Lodge website offer contemporary teachings of Native American and Shamanic wisdoms to help people find solutions for today's challenges.

Shamanism and its Techniques
Shamanism and its Techniques - for Beginners and Advanced Shamanists. It is presented in German and English

The Sacred School of Adepts and Magi.
The Ancient Science of the Magicians, the secret language have been lost by the downfall of man. Only I am the guardian. I will impart these precious secrets to you, and we will read together these characters traced on the Ancient Temples. Centers in USA, Venezuela and Chile.

The Emissary Group
This site explores our relationship with the Universe and its creative force. Learn about the Earth Ascension process, starseeds, multidimensional guardians, pyramid building, and request a FREE aura reading.

the hermetic order of the golden dawn
the hermetic order of the golden dawn, based in elfers, florida, is a non-profit organization whose goal is the continued preservation of that body of knowledge known as hermeticism or the western esoteric tradition.

The Quest For Freedom
An authentic school of Toltec Sorcery derived from the Mayan perspective of the Original Nagual and Death Defier, Quetzalcoatl.

The Summit Lighthouse
Teachings of the ascended masters. Here you'll find answers to life's mysteries and acclerated spiritual techniques that can be applied in daily life. You can experience tangible assistance by studying the teachings of the ascended masters of East and West. Free catalog of books and tapes. 800-245-5445

The Truth Contest
This is a contest to find and spread the truth about life and death, the ultimate truth. Give us some truth. You may represent religion, philosophy, science, or yourself. Any prophets out there?

The World Peace Prayer Society
The World Peace Prayer Society is a non-sectarian, international non-profit organization bringing people together through the universal message and prayer "May Peace Prevail on Earth." Activities include the Peace Pole Project, Peace Pals, Youth for Peace and flag ceremonies.

The World Teacher Trust
Inspired by the life and teachings of the Masters of Eternal Wisdom. Website in English, German, French, Spanish. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya, Parvathi Kumar, self-transformation through meditation, study and service, international groups and projects

Theosophical Society
Site with articles about karma, reincarnation, inner growth etc. By authors of mostly theosophical background like N. Sri Ram, J. Krishnamurti, H.P. Blavatsky etc.

Truth for all people
Messages from Jesus and Celestial Spirits that tell us the way to God and Immortality. It is open for anyone who sincerely prays to the Heavenly Father with soul longings and Faith for the inflowing of this Divine Love.

Universal Babaji Society
This group is a project of The Path of Peace. The general idea for the project is to create a unified space where people of all faiths may safely walk in freedom and unity.

US East region Falun Fofa Research society
Falun Gong is an advanced system of cultivation. Since its introduction in 1992, it has attracted more than 100 million practitioners.

Vermont Sophia
Christian hermeticism, spiritual geometry, 22 meditations on the Sephir Yetzirah

weFringe represents a community of individuals committed to and seeking a life based on energetic principles. Balance... universal connection... being present... grounding

what is zen?
although zen developed in the heart of one of the oldest traditions known to humanity--buddhism--it is neither a religion nor a philosophy. master deshimaru said it is the religion from before religion, meaning that zazen awakens the natural human religious spirit, without relying on dogma. zazen is the essence of religion.

WhisperZone, LLC
The home of those who listen to their inner voice, or who want to. Providing education, support,and community while building a brotherhood of mastery.

World Subud Association
Subud is a way to receive a direct contact with the Grace of the One Who is Almighty. This contact initiates a process of sanctification unique to each individual.
Teresa Proudlove - writer, facilitator, guide - is the author of Through facilitating "Leadership" & "Livelihood" workshops; and writing hundreds of published articles; Teresa has been inspiring, supporting, and mentoring over 3000 people upon their lifework path for over fourteen offers a deeper understanding and respect for ourselves, for others, and for our career and lifework journey.Through Teresa's gift of storytelling find insight into present moment peace; how every job is an honorable job; and most importantly, the compassionate realities of being human.Do yourself a favor, visit this site and sign up to receive her free newsletter. You'll get a taste for what she's all about.

zen guide: the ultimate on-line guide to zen and buddhism
praised by many for its aestheticity and comprehensiveness, zen guide will provide you with the resources that you need to begin or continue your journey to enlightenment.

zen studies society

Zenji Abbey Dogen Zen Center
an international association of zen ethusiats including belief fundamentals, koan study, dharma, chat room, and distant learning opportunities.

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