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Spirituality Directory 818-370-9025
4607 Lakeview Cyn Rd. #181
Westlake Village 91361

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The Four Pearls and The Four Squirrels: A Modern Fable About Happiness and Distraction. A new book by bestselling author Lissa Coffey. Do You Want To Be Happy? In the time-honored tradition of the fable, Lissa Coffey has created a whimsical, meaningful book that will delight readers of all ages. "The Four Pearls" is a modern-day classic filled with wisdom. It inspires and enlightens in the same way that Jonathan Livingston Seagull has for generations.
The Aumara Light & Healing Circle - A Place for Healing and Inspiratio
The Aumara Light & Healing Circle - A Place for Healing and Inspiratio Anita Asman
P.O. Box 2934
Tel Aviv

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Embark on a spiritual journey with distant healing, join us in global healing and meditation, choose your personal healing crystal, browse through our inspiration gallery and our online bookstore, expand your awareness at our articles and teachings gallery, visit our spiritual marketplace and art card store, and more.
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Phone:  GlqsyfAWRg
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I Surrender This
I Surrender This Lisa Sullivan

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Phone:  888-788-7847

“I Surrender This” was created to act as a visual and hands on spiritual tool to aid you on your path to peace. It consists of a sculpture representing both your hand and Gods hand as they work together as one in letting go of all issues, problems, circumstances and fears that do not benefit your highest good. This hand holds a white Surrender flag which is also a pocket or pouch into which you place written statements of Surrender or photos or objects that need Surrendering. The flag is made of 100% organic cotton canvas and acts as a toxic free environment for all your deepest desires and wishes to be held in. Along with the sculpture and flag there is a 50 sheet tablet of 100% post consumer paper that is the first paper to receive the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody Certification. This paper also acts as a toxic free environment onto which you can write down those things in your life that need to be surrendered to God. The box this all comes in can be saved and used as a keepsake or God box.
Live Psychic Readings
Live Psychic Readings Debbie Shapiro
1901 60th Place, Suite L7111
Bradenton 34203

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Kasamba offers live psychic readings online via psychic chat. Kasamba is one of the very best psychic chat providers online. You will be connected via live chat to your choice of the amazing psychic experts provided by Kasamba.Get your questions answered by world-renowned, top rated psychics. Choose from a huge variety of Psychics ready to advise you about love & relationships, past lives, dreams, occult and astrology. Try us now with 3 Free Minutes. Click Here Now to get your Free Psychic Reading!

Naming the Unnameable ©
A guided journal to encourage individuals to explore the Divine

Sonya Ki Tomlinson
Sai Rapture, The Ecstatic Journey of a Modern Day Gopi is a heartfelt "page-turner" that you cannot put down. The Divine Love for and from Sathya Sai Baba is palpable in these pages, and the author's experiences, trials and transformation are lovingly expressed. A beautiful work that will not disappoint. Please share the warm embrace of 108 Bhakti Kisses, The Ecstatic Poetry of a Modern Day Gopi
I will help you with all the experience and knowing I have to offer. So feel free to contact me - maybe you just need some chakra balancing to feel grounded again.

The Redeemed Christian Assembly
The Church where Jesus is highly exalted.

Spiritual Counselor - Explore Stillness
Paul Roszak - AZ - Spiritual Counselor - Meditation - Relationships

Elizabeth Francis Angelic Amulets
Angel Amulets Elizabeth Francis: Psychic Medium Shop Angel Amulets The 72 Angels of the Zodiak custom made silver amulets have been designed by psychic medium Elizabeth Francis. Their function is to enable alignment with the individual Angel that governs the wearers birth date so they can receive a sense of security, wellbeing and harmony. They can also assist with deterring self-sabotage and self-imposed limitations. The disc represents the astrology chart template, which represents a map of the universe. The semi-precious stone in the middle of the amulet corresponds with the wearer’s specific birth Angel. The degree line engraved on the front of this elegant piece of sacred jewelry shows the positioning of the wearer’s date of birth on that template. The abbreviated sacred letters stamped on the back of the amulet correspond with the Angel’s name and enables attunement with the wearer. With the amulet comes information which includes the name of the Angel and the stone, the degree measurement and the area within which the Angel governs and a translation of the sacred letters. which can be used for meditation purposes in the hope of finding ones higher soul purpose. They are individually hand-crafted by goldsmiths Macdara Jewelry, and blessed by interfaith minister, Alaya Samadhi, whose core belief is 'Many Ways to One Spirit.' These beautiful sterling silver amulets are 20mm in diameter and are exclusively available from this website.

Avalon's Gifts New Age and Spiritual Online Shop
An amazing cornucopia of esoteric and new-age gifts and tools for your own spiritual journey

Moontime Harmony
I offer sacred moontime coaching, ritual/menarche celebrations based on my book The Moontime Harmony Workbook-A Path to Creating a Sacred Menstrual Moontime.

'tween: The Art of Healing in Love and Light ... and Sedona's Angels
Namaste! 'tween is here to assist you on your spiritual/ascension/red path through Inspirational articles, Help for Lightworkers, Sedona's Angels Virtual & Live Vortex Tours and more, Creative Flow, Meditations & Prayers, Library & Tea Room, Orb Hunters, Creative Imagery, Spiritual Counseling, Readings and more. We are here to help you live your truth, be your being, and create your self. And so it is.In Divine and Loving Service, Deidre & Michael Madsen

1111 Spirit
1111 Spirit Road is a warm and safe place for individuals to move forward on their Spiritual Journey. Through Spiritual Guidance, on-line lectures, readings, teachings, clairvoyance, and fun & interactive Spiritual games, people can come and spend time at each page, guiding them through their own unique journey to awareness and clarity. Please allow Joseph to welcome you personally by viewing the welcome video at WHERE SPIRITUALITY BECOMES PHYSICAL.
Daniel Nagle works in the area of energy psychology/psychotherapy. It is a developing field in which gifted individuals can help their clients cross out of their old way of life and engage who they were meant to be. It allows clients to enter fully into their true potential, the barriers are gone. Creativity and harmony in living, are the touch-points in his clients lives. Daniel works principally in the US and Europe.

A Woman's Journey
Online guide to the best free sources for spiritual growth on the Internet.  Topics include astrology, religion, new age, reiki, chakras, auras, feng shui, meditation, yoga, Buddhism, crystals, shamanism, runes, angels, tarot, i ching, numerology, reincarnation, Judaism, candles, Native American spirituality, spirit guides, past life regression and more.

A. D. K. LUK Publications
Law of Life Books gives an explanation of the I AM Presence, Violet Flame and Karma, along with the Ascended Masters.

A.R.I.E.L. Institute
An interactive website dedicated to spiritual awakening. Forums, chat, surveys. Covers a variety of topics, angel messages, yoga, past lives, healing, astrology and more. Also includes a healing request page.

Accurate psychic readings with Dr. Dina
Psychic readings and powerful crystal meditations. 99% accurate readings without a word from you. Spiritually gifted and truthful call now.

Provides an easily accessible introduction to the Way of Perfect Happiness through Divine Realization.

Adonai - Living in the Light
Adonai - just for the joy of Spirit. Articles, prayers, invocations, channeling and meditation techniques. Life-time Tarot profile. Free Day Tarot Card. Art. Fast Portprait - Entertainment. Music.

Akashic Record Readings and Classes with Gabrielle Orr
The Akashic Records provide you with a grand opportunity for personal evolution. A shift in perception allows you to change and expand your personal belief systems. As a result you will experience joy, happiness, inner peace and well-being.

Alchemy of Love Courses
Alchemy of Love Personal Development Courses: Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting

All Vashikaran Specialist
Contact to vashikaran specialist to solve your all problem related to money, love, health etc. You just need to dial 9602787343. Guarantee solution within 24 hours.

Spiritual writing, poetry, quotations and song lyrics can all be found in abundance on Allspirit. From Advaita to Zen, ancient to contemporary, there is something here for everybody.

altered states
Since ancient times, men and women have known that dancing flames and rhythmic drumbeats can become a bridge for crossing important chasms that must be traversed if we are to make that entire journey. Today, dancing flames (flashing in precise patterns in sophisticated goggles) and precisely throbbing drumbeats (heard through headphones) can help you cross into places where you may encounter an important stranger-"Yourself".

Alternatives - The Centre For Alternative Studies
Dr Colleen-Joy Page works as an intuitive consultant and spiritual teacher and runs The centre For Alternative Studies. Courses include Soul Awareness and Astrology home study options available.

Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Novel
Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Novel by Nuit

Know thyself said Plato. Knock & the door will open unto you

Angel And Soul Mate Self Help
Spiritual self help to transform and maximise synchronicity, happiness and full self expression. Explores how to experience ourselves as interdimensional beings as we live our daily lives. Blog applies spiritual principles to everyday personal and global issues to look at the connections between how what we feel and think partner to co-create our experiences.

Angelic Walkin - National Angelic Essence Speciali
Angelica Rose, An Angelic Walkin, is a national gifted Angelic Essence Specialist since 1991 is a Certified Hypnotist with Hypnosis Motivation Institute. She has been spiritually ordained in India in 2005 and received a Spiritual Ordained certificate in 2007. Angelica is the author of 2 books, 4 relaxation CDs, 3 Relaxation DVDs, Talk on Spiritual Oneness and 3 Inspirational Stickers

Tour this site for links to different paths of enlightment including Theosophy,Philosophy,Christian Mystisism,Eastern Philosophy and others. Come join the spirituality chat room or forum. This is a site that will continue to grow with the intent and purpose that others can come and share their spirituality with others.

Arasini Foundation
Virtual healing center of heart-based spiritual information and interactive message boards, prayer and shared appreciation.

Archangel Michael Teachings & Harmonic Vortex
This site offers the Teachings of the Archangel Michael via Orpheus, Oracle. It offers written articles, mp3's,phone lectures, creating a harmonic vortex, meditation art pieces,sacred geometry of names, words,soul art, meditation vortex rooms,and offering soul messages.

Art of 4 elements
Spiritual poetry, quotes, articles, videos can all be found on The Art of 4 Elements website. From Hindu to Buddhist, Christian to Tao, all across centuries, all across the planet, covering ancient and contemporary philosophers and gurus. We hope that our selection of writings will inspire you on your journey to enlightenment.

Art of Healing
Art of Healing has stress management consultant in pune which is help you in profound unwinding and offers the body some assistance with releasing anxiety, pressure and outrage.

Centrum for spiritual health.

As Is Wisdom Worldwide
Connect with your vortex of Grace, Power and Healing.

Ascensation is a portal or conduit for wisdom. It's readers and authors share the common ground of Spirituality. Each honoring the other's pathway without conditions, judgement or censure. The day a Buddhist can speak with a Wiccan who is sharing with a Christian who is talking to a Lightworker is the day we celebrate freedom. This is a true Recipe For Magick !

Ask Gem
The website about the life of Gem, a girl who learned about spirituality from an extra-ordinary teacher. Or he learned from her, depending on whom you ask.From this website you can get to "Ask Gem". Readers can ask questions about their spiritual life to Gem, who answers personally.

Association of Universal Philosophy, Inc.
Prophecies, spiritual guidance by angels in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. Listen to their voice, read their words. "Open the door that we may enter, and therefore, there can be a place prepared within you, each of you, for his coming."

Astral Thyme, Ltd.
"Spirituality through Holistic Living" Articles and products for astral projection, channeling, scrying, psyhic developement, talking boards and herbs. This site is constantly being updated so please stop back.

Astral Web
Free online course in Astral Travel, and has Astral chat, forums and articles on Astral Projection, Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.

Astrology in Tamil
This blog contains astrological forecast, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope prediction based on tamil astrology.

Hand-made Meditation supplies and products, but not limited to spiritual infomation.

Author/Spiritual Teacher
Carol is the author of the "ultimate spiritual self-help book, Remembering Wholeness."

Dutch - English, Informative Site about Magick, Free Spells, Herbs, Gemstones, Astrology, Deities and Dreams
The place to find what’s hot in San Francisco Bay Area’s Holistic community. Here you can find information about topics like: Yoga, Meditation, Ecology, Spirituality, Community, Relationship, Tantra and much more.

Be a Psychic reader guaranteed online at
Reading passage for guided imagery, Spiritual Blog, Meditation downloads, Zen meditation, Self healing service by

Be Still Now
Be Still Now is a website created to help you on your journey of discovering for yourself ‘Who You Are.’ Enter and see what Stillness will do for you. Be Still Now provides information on Stillness, Stillness and Our Planet, Stillness and Ascension, Creating Stillness with Mantras, Meditation, Affirmations, Aphorisms, and much more. Be in Stillness and Siege the Moment!

Bethel Publishers
700-page book, loaded with pictures, entitled "Teachings--Unveiling the Luminous Sun Within." Scientifically verifiable for the first time ever.But there is a great deal more actual secrets than can be found if the entire Internet is searched for a month. Book deals with angels, Egyptology, the Bible, mythology, Jesus, the Original Sin, the Eleusinian Mysteries, Atlantis, the Flood of Noah, accelerated evolution of your brain, etc. No techniques, no gurus, no hype, no exercises. You read, and the words themselves act upon your brain and nervous system to effect a spiritual and mental transformation. The Egyptians called them "Words of Magic Power." You will experience the change day by day.

Bible Quotes and Science Info
Bible quotes and science in free articles, newsletter, directory on creation vs evolution and the novel Bible Quotes in Crystal Land.

Black Magic Witch
An online store for all things occult and black magic.

Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies
kabbalah lessons and information, the wisdom of kabbalah - Questions and Answers,Live lessons and music broadcast, kabbalah FAQ, audio MP3 lessons

Body & Soul Center for Well-Being
A center offering many therapies to help people return to health and find their individual path to God.

Acclaimed spiritual author and public speaker Barbara Rose discovered an amazing spiritual gift following a tragic loss. Through a Divine Spiritual gift she brings through information to create the highest vision of your life, and our world.

Offer absent healing,Free greeting cards,you are able to contact us re workshops etc

BWC Learn Spells
A site for white magic, spell crafting, Wicca courses, pagan education.

BWC School of Witchcraft
A site for white magic, spell crafting, Wicca courses, pagan education.

California Psychics
Interested in numerology and what it can tell you? Many psychics at California Psychics specialize in numerology. Through the use of numbers, numerology tells us about the human condition and about our journey through life. Your birth date holds a numerological value and can be interpreted into an energetic significance. Get a numerology reading for life path clarity today.

Callista Luna - Tarot Kartenlegen Rituale
Brauchst Du Hilfe?Lebensberatung Partnerrückführung Esoterik Tarot Rituale mediales Kartenlegen Rituale Magie Traumdeutung Zauber Partnerzusammenführung

Celestial Earth
namaste!please visit my home page and share my thoughts on reiki, green witchcraft, poetry, parenting, art, and everything spiritual under the sun. This site is forever growing and changing as I evolve. Hope you enjoy your visit:)Om! Shanti!

Celestine Center of Healing Arts
A Sanctuary for sharing & learning. We have a Metaphysical Lending Library, Oxygen Bar, Meditation Room and offer Healing Arts including Polarity, Cranio-Sacral & Somatic Therapies, Rieki, Hypnosis and Massage. We include psychic readings, astrology, tarot, custom mandalas for meditation and personal growth.We also have an event center available for classes, workshops and group meetings.

Celtic Christian Church of the Grove
Teachings from the Faery on Celtic Christianity. Also info on King Arthur and Gwynefar, Merlin, the Grail, and Mother Earth.

Celtic Faerie Teachings at Avalon Grove
Spiritual teachings and other original information from and about Faeries, Mother Earth and Celtic Christian spirituality

Center For Divinity
Life is a precious gift. A gift to be cherished each and every moment.

Center of Creative Intent
THE CENTER OF CREATIVE INTENToffers tools and resources designed to support individuals and communities to balance their mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical being and to live their highest potential, now!We honor all expressions of spirituality, and seek to create connection and community. Our teachings draw on a wide variety of traditions, including Toltec shamanism, European shamanism, Buddhism, and Native Americanteachings.

Center of the SUN
Joyfully offering... Unique Mayan-Incan Pilgrimages, Mayan Astrology Readings and Calendars, Powerful Sacred Site Essences, Muldidimensional Sacred Site Photography, free articles and newsletter and more

Accurate life readings, Orhai healing, free online articles, animal totems, readers forum and predictions, all things metaphysical.

Christa Resources, LLC
Christa Resources promotes the works and teachings of spiritual healer and teacher Adriene Wentworth, offering powerful clearing and healing of energy bodies and DNA, removal of cordings, dark entities & alien implants; spiritual protection and self-healing through Christa & AnaMata Energy Attunements. Channeling classes, and transformational products.

Church of Spiritual Truth
Christ Age Fellowship's mission is to share the wonderful revelations given to us by Jesus Christ. We are offering some profound books (written in the Will of God)dated in the 1800's. We are not a religious organization instead we value the transcendance of Spirituality. For more information check out our website.

Church of the New Renaissance
CNR's website contains information about our "church without walls," as well as guidance for those on a path toward the unitive experience and personal enlightened consciousness. We offer informative newsletters, classes and workshops (online and locally), as well as more personalized services for those wishing help or guidance.

Circle of Light
Food for the Soul, Messages from Archangel Michael, Mother Earth and more.

Clairvoyancy and the Paranormal
For psychic and spiritual development FREE to use chat rooms with online classes, message forums and a UK section of paranormal photos.

Coaching From Spirit
Learn powerful new processes that Sharon Wilson, founder of Coaching From Spirit, and the CFS Faculty, are using with great success in coaching high-profile clients; tools that blend inner and outer technologies for Masterful Coaching in Advanced Coaching From Spirit

Colleen Maloney
I believe angels surround us in our everyday life. They try to communicate in our most silent moments. These loving messages may be a symbol or a voice in our head. We often refer to the voice as our subconscious or intuition. In reality, over the years I've come to identify these voices as angels. The angels want the best for us and offer solutions for situations we face. Angel experiences have been documented since the beginning of time. We all can benefit from the angels wisdom, which provides compassion and understanding. Once the directions are followed the doors will open. If you choose to stay on your path that is your choice, but details of your reading will change depending on the actions you take. We all have a mission to complete on earth. Positive and negative situations are always influencing our lives. The angel readings guide you into the positive. The white light will embrace and allow positive experiences to flow from your aura.

Concepts In Human Development
A Human Potential Magazine that helps to bridge the gap between spirituality and the workplace. Online articles that help to empower. Free Newsletter.

Concepts Magazine
A positive human potential magazine which bridges the gap between spirituality in the home and workplace. Many articles on personal growth.

Conscious Kernels Spiritual eBooks & More
E-books, audiobooks, e-courses, and multi-media programs on personal spiritual growth to transform your life. Specializing in Science of Mind, New Thought, Religious Science and Metaphysical subjects.

Continuity of Life
We are a trinity of like-minded individuals who work together as Spiritual Mediums, Healers, and Psychic Intuitives.

Provides spiritual,prophetic, channelled and scientific information on the ongoing Earth Changes and the approaching dimensional shift

Create Soul Space
Erase ... Create Soul Space, an intuitive method of soul discovery. Join spiritual mentor Sophia duBay for online and in person workshops (SoulCollage and prayer bead workshops), as well as individual guidance on the spiritual path.

A totally new way of looking at the UFO phenomenon, as well as interesting topics such as: Astral projection, Dreams, Martial Arts, Qigong, Meditation, Reincarnation, Chakra's, Palindromes, Spirit guides, etc.

Curaduk Creations Ink
A place to share spirituality, poetry, my artwork, my country and my Australian Terriers

Dan Frost Healing
Dan Frost is an intuitive clairvoyant medium, Reiki Master Teacher, and real life ghostbuster offering personal, private readings.

Daylesford Tarot and Healing
Intuitive tarot, palmistry and & 7 Ray Card readings, profound & transformational spiritual energy healings & psycho-spiritual therapies, spiritual counselling and coaching for clarity, hope and life direction. Distance readings, healings, counseling & coaching welcome.

Desert Monk Magazine
A simple but informative site offering inspiration and strength to all Seekers of Light. Featuring articles, graphics, quotations from different traditions, and excerpts from the book "The Next Step in Evolution - a personal guide."

Destiny Readings With Jan.
A new site featuring Jan a caring gifted psychic reader. Offering extremely affordable, accurate live online readings (private chat room)Empathic readings - Given from the heart with humour (where appropriate), understanding and compassion.Visit and judge for yourself and may Love, Light & Peace be with you.

A walk though the insites learned from one near death experience and Now how to cope with Cancer.

Podcasting site featuring recorded lectures of yoga and meditation teachers from the Ananda Marga movement.

Dialogues With a Master
Dialogues with a Master about ending the endless spiritual search.

Disciple of the Light
It explores some resources that can assist us to discover the Light of the Presence of the One Source of All within us and within all beings, as well as to learn to live in this Light.

Divine Energy Spirit
This site's main objective is about spirituality and anything else related to it. It can be classified and/or viewed as an online "knowledge bank" with collected information regarding certain types of and views on spirituality and other subjects mentioned on this site.

Divine Revelation
Learn how to listen to the "still small voice" of God within you and how to tell the difference between that true voice of Spirit and whatever else is in your mind.

The best thoughts of the greatest thinkers, philosophies and religions for spiritual advice, inspiration and motivation, as well as practical tips from contemporary mentors, coaches, consultants, motivators, healers ... for a meaningful day-to-day life.

Dream Star
On my site I want to share my poems, dreams and views on life with those who still believe in themselves, humanity and a Golden Future. This site also focuses on John Denver, who has been my main spiritual teacher.

Duck Pond Retreat
Duck Pond Retreat is a spiritual gathering place for all. Share your views and opinions on our message board. Meet other like minded folks, exchange readings and beliefs. All views and beliefs are welcome at the Duck Pond. We all are on our own special journey and have each other to learn from. Be sure to visit the online bookstore too@

Duncan Watson
Spirituality, New Age, Lightworker links and collected information, including The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Chris and Shelly Cormier, creators of Earthlight2000, are psychic mediums and spiritual consultants. As psychic mediums they conduct readings for their clients in Canada, the United States, and around the world. As spiritual consultants they teach Self Awareness and Development to enhance the everyday lives of all individuals.

non profit organisation, Earth Awareness, Spiritual Healing and Meditations, Reiki, Aromatherapy, and other alternative therapies.

Eclectic Spirituality
From Angels to Zen...the spiritual site with more choices, more voices, more fun. Featuring "Ask Swami Joan!" and Carol L. Skolnick's "The Spiritual Curmudgeon(TM)."

Daily inspiration on spiritual healing, personal growth, mysticism and self realization.

Embracing Your Spirit
A Spiritual Retreat for Busy Souls....visit this site to Renew, Inspire and Transform your Spirit!

empire poker
We offer a variety of games and tournaments. We also offer FREE play at our play money tables, for as long as you like. Play on our free software live with other players at no cost while you learn the rules. In addition, we make every effort to ensure a fair and safe environment for all players. Your banking and personal information remain TOTALLY PRIVATE.

Enhancing Your Mind, Body and Spirit
a forum to discuss: aromatherapy, magic, chakras, yoga, meditation, religion, prophets & gurus, paranormal, reiki, crystals, spiritual guides, relationships, herbs, ayurveda, natural health, world healing traditions,astrology etc.

Building a Living Community of Transformation

Eshwar Bhakti
Offers online pooja services from India. Gives information on wide range of Vedic puja rituals and accepts booking of homam and yagna booking service by Hindu priests. They specialize in individual poojas based on your problem and astrology chart.

Esoteric Knowledge
Esoteric Knowledge is located in Sydney, Australia and we offer free courses that include a diverse range of techniques and practices to enable you to uncover for yourself the mystical and esoteric side of life

Ethereal Eternals Empowerment Center
The inner mission of Ethereal Eternals is to nurture clients in a safe environment and to encourage personal development and spiritual growth through both the written and spoken word. The outer mission of Ethereal Eternals is to restore and maintain wholeness within the world at large and to proclaim by word and deed, love and concern for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of all... Priestess Taanji uses both the written and spoken word as a curative power; inspiring, transforming and empowering lives. Using communication as a purification process and uniting principle, she assists us in clearing and connecting to our energy centers. By releasing the negative thoughts and beliefs that cause chakra blockages and keep us from our personal power, we are free to create the lives we truly desire.

Etheric Realms
There is a land suspended between Heaven and Earth, wherein all things are possible and all truth is told. This sacred domain is called The Etheric Realms and encompasses the wealth of mystical teaching, music and the written word. It is accessible through the many portals of this website and is blessed in the light and purity of the living spirit.
A modern presentation of Ancient knowledge. Gnosis, Kabbalah, Theosophy, Holistic science, research on Christianity (Kuhn/Massey), audiolectures, science archive, article archive, general semantics, info on the afterlife and much more.

Every Day a Mandala
Beautiful, colourful and magical mandalas for spiritual use or just for fun. Pick-up your every day mandala design or mandala line-drawing.

Everyman Edict
Individual and corporate training in personal and spiritual growth topics. Also offers a free eBook.

Family Consultation Services
Spiritual principles applied to everyday life. Simple and easy steps. The aim is joy and gladness.

Ferrina's Site
Providing spiritual counselling, intuitive readings and healings, reiki 1 & 2, work with angels, all can be done offline and onlineLove and Light Angel Blessings to All !!!

The creator of Finding Source, Gary Hopkins is committed to raising the vibration of others. This is a philosophy of creating awareness. Through continuing education classes, his healing work and his website, gary's goal is to give the world a viable and powerful resource to aid in furthering their own personal and spiritual development.

Foundation for the Awakening Mind
Awakening Mind is willingness to question all beliefs, seeking not to change the world, but seeking to change one's mind about the world. We have participants from all over the world. Join us!

FreeSpirit Network
FreeSprit Net is a community site that will branch various levels of spirituality from different persepctives and views. FreeSpirit Network wants to become a core of the spiritual journey from goals to every day tasks and situations. FSN, will do our upmost to keep this community growing and finding new ways to share and communicate our everyday experiences.

Friends of Peace Pilgrim
From 1953 to 1981, Peace Pilgrim walked all across North America spreading a message of inner and outer peace. She vowed to "remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food." In the course of her 28 year pilgrimage she touched the hearts, minds, and lives of thousands of individuals all across North America. Her message was both simple and profound. It continues to inspire people all over the world.

GAIA Centre for Spiritual Education
our custom-made residential and non-residential retreats and through the use of guided workshops, unique methods for total healing, and the assistance of the Angels and the Ascended Masters, the Spirit opens up to receive all it needs for the Ultimate Healing.

Gaia Star
Products and services advancing evolution to a higher consciousness. Aroma Sprays, Beeswax and Soy Candles, Skin Care Products, Reiki, and more!

Galaxey's Home in Cyber Space
This site is for those interested in Spirit Communication and Spiritual Growth and Spirit Awareness. There is a message board for experiences and questions on all things pertaining to spirituality and experiences. There is so much more to life then what is "seen".

Gatto's Place
We are a Metaphysical Shop that carries: candles, Oils, Incense, Crystals, Jewelry, Tarot Cards, Books, E. Books, Hand Designed Wooden Boxes and More.

Gemstoneuniverse is an organisation formed with the same passion, vision and ethics as Astro Journey, albeit for the purpose of providing authentic and potent gemstones through the Internet for the interested community. It aims at being the destination for the individuals on a more aware plane looking at harnessing the powers of the gemstones. The high quality and superior features ensure that it can serve the taste of connoisseurs as well, who are looking for the exquisite.

Global Visions
Directory of spiritual and humanitarian people, projects and organizations.

Gnostic Mystica
Gnostic Mystica is interested in uniting christological and pagan mythology with gnostic ideaologies. We look at mythology, biographies, symbology and include a glossary for those difficult terms. Articles are backed up with references and futher information, which may include gnosticism, occult, paganism and various other topics.

Gnostic World
Information about gnosis and Gnostic anthropology in Contemporary Gnosticism with reference to the work by Samael Aun Weor, including relevant topics, bibliography, selected links and other resources
Insight communicated with the intent of contributing to our shared future in a beneficial way.

A Gnostic Bishop wrestles with questions of spirituality and metaphysics from a decidedly original point of view.

The site for Modern Gnosis with Esoteric, Mystical and Spiritual free online courses and teachings by Samael Aun Weor, Rabolu, Belzebuub, Jesus and Judas.
Your one stop resource to alternative health, spirituality, new age, yoga and meditation.

Graceful Awakenings
Graceful Awakenings. Hello, We offer spiritual counseling, psychic readings, healings, classes and workshops, to facilitate your growth healing and insight.

greg curtiss
A brief and concise explanation of the world's great spiritual traditions in light of modern science and psychology. Walking the spiritual path. Yoga. Meditation. Transpersonal psychotherapy.

GreyWolfe's Homepage
The wolf, in both Celtic and Native American traditions, stands for the path of discovering the deepest levels of self, of inner knowing and intuition, as symbolized by the image of the wolf baying at the moon. This is a solitary path.

Guardian Angel reading
Padre, the Messenger of the Angels, possesses uncommon spiritual gifts which, over the years, have earned him worldwide fame and respect. Thanks to his extrasensory abilities, Padre can establish precious contacts with Guardian Angels.

hamilton-parker communications
The home of the UK mediums with the spiritual chatrooms and readings Includes Spiritualism mediumship and clairvoyance

Hamilton-Parker Communications
Psychic chatrooms and training with the British Clairvoyant Academy

Hanuman Chalisa Hindi lyrics pdf
If you want to read hanuman chalisa lyrics in Hindi language then you can read it here below.

Hart-Burn Press
Articles, opinion pieces, books and more on teachings of Jesus as explained in "The Greatest Story Ever Revealed" Free Newsletter and Free e-Book. Very inclusive, no dogma or creeds, just helpful insight.

Hart-Burn Press
Publishers of a new three-volume biography of Jesus that is packed with new and inciteful information. Not for your dyed-in-the-wool Christian. Explains errors in Bible.

Healing Garden World
The Healing Garden World helps people to blossom and grow into the person they choose to become. And it’s more than this – it’s a dream, a hope of a universe of understanding and love, allowing the inner beauty of each human to unfold, balancing all of us with Nature, with each other, with Spirit.

Healing Hands of Light
A site dedicated to healing and Spirituality. Angelic Astral Spinal Attunement, Meditations, Animal Communication, Native American, and much more!

Healingwaters Relaxation Center
Healingwaters is dedicated to nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. It includes an inspirational message board, prayer circle, chat, and tools to to help you relax.

Heart of Spirit Healing
Specializing in Spiritual Development Workshops, Pastlife regressions through hypnosis, and Spiritual Consultation. Angel Therapy Reports, Enchanted Tarot,Channeled Writing, Phone Readings and Consultations, Inspiriational Guided Meditations, various workshops and presentations available at your home or office event or outing. Please contact Angie for more information or visit the Website."Create an Extraordinary Day!"

Heart Reading
Spiritual guidance and psychic energy reading

Heather Mason
Heather Mason is a Clairvoyant Psychic and Astrologer who is able to connect with Angels to deliver divine messages of insight and inspiration. Offering highly accurate and compassionate psychic readings, Spirit Guide Readings, Astrology Readings and Psychic Development Classes. Readings with Heather can bring clarity to your life and help guide you in the right direction.

A fascinating site on Spirituality, Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Spirit Guides and Contact, Chakra's, Aura's, Positive Thinking, Tarot, Numerology,Psychic,Channelling, Spells, Dreams and much more..Readings also available on request.
The Pathwork Guide Lectures on psychological and spiritual self-development with subjects like consciousness, energy, the soul, emotions, meditation, reincarnation, prayer, creation, evolution, duality and the universe.

Higher Reality
Val is a particularly gifted clairvoyant with over 20 years of experience. Visit his web Site for detailed information on his work, and his background.

Holistic Counseling
Truly WHOLISTIC Counseling - Because You Deserve to Feel Good, NOW!

Honor Yourself Sacred Journeys
Independent tour operator with niche of travelling only to Egypt. Tours comparable to name brand travel companies, but with only half the costs. Can arrange tours for 2 people or more.

Houston Shambhala Meditation Center
Meditation instruction and group practice as taught by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.
Soul Talk. The purest, deepest, highest form of communication with self and others. I can see, hear, feel messages and information while in soul connection with others. It is pure Soul guidance that helps you with clarity and a deeper connection to Soul/Yourself.I hope to meet you on the soul level. Love, Eva

I Surrender This
“I Surrender This” was created to act as a visual and hands on spiritual tool to aid you on your path to peace. It consists of a sculpture representing both your hand and Gods hand as they work together as one in letting go of all issues, problems, circumstances and fears that do not benefit your highest good. This hand holds a white Surrender flag which is also a pocket or pouch into which you place written statements of Surrender or photos or objects that need Surrendering. The flag is made of 100% organic cotton canvas and acts as a toxic free environment for all your deepest desires and wishes to be held in. Along with the sculpture and flag there is a 50 sheet tablet of 100% post consumer paper that is the first paper to receive the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody Certification. This paper also acts as a toxic free environment onto which you can write down those things in your life that need to be surrendered to God. The box this all comes in can be saved and used as a keepsake or God box.

In Search of Heaven
Based on the author's experience of being in heaven, this site accurately shares updated knowledge about Jesus, Heaven, God and obtaining Eternal Life, no matter who you are or where you live.

The information on these virtual pages come from within the boundaries of the IndexOfLife, even as you read they maintain the emotional power they had when they were created. Because of this, you may feel a warm feeling (deep within) as you read, and this is our authentication.

Infinite Being LLC
Spirituality for the New Reality - Make the deepest possible spiritual connection through Infinite Being.

Infinite Esoteric Universal Circle Group
Informative esoteric site about all kinds of esoteric topics like astrology, reincarnation, afterlife, hereafter, astral-projection, alternative medicine, pyramids, thumaninportals, nostradamus and with special prophecies section.

Infinite Health is your online directory of the leading personal development and spirituality seminars, conferences, workshops, corporate training programs, spirit-centered tours, and luxury travel worldwide. All of these programs are facilitated by successful, well-respected, and world-renowned speakers. Access the tools to transform your fear, heal your emotional wounds and ignite your passion for your life. Feel stronger, more confident, more loving and more compassionate in your personal relationships and home environment. Feel more confident, more talented and creative in your workplace. Just begin your exciting journey of self-discovery.

Inner Cosmos
Inner Cosmos Transformational Energy Healing : Process that awakens the healing light within you

Inner Sky Center
Here you can learn to meditate in the South London area. Inner Sky Center offers a range of meditation classes and is conveniently located in South London. Classes are suitable for new or experienced meditators so give it a go if you would like to learn meditation.

InnerSource Foundation
This web site is about finding happiness, inner peace, and Enlightenment through theon-going practices of living the truth and regular meditation. Here are simple, clear instructionsto help the new student initiate his or her own practice. There is no religion and no belief system associated with this practice.

Institute For Creative Living
Free Inspirational Resources To Uplift Your Spirituality Through Meditation, Positive Thinking, Visualization, And Love.

Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education
Read mystical experience examples and/or share your experience story (anonymously, if you prefer). The nonprofit Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education conducts mystical experience research and provides information on mystical experiences. Learn more today.

Intuition West
Intuitive readings for spiritual growth, self help and relationships.

Intuitive Consulting & Communication
Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed., Author of Divine Intuition: Your Guide to Creating a Life You Love.Free Intuition Newsletter. Intuitive Business Consulting. Intuitive Readings. Seminars,Audio Tapes, Articles. Motivational Speaker.

Intuitive Vision Network
A PR/Special Events firm for those in the holistic and metaphysical arenas. Originators of the Psychic & Spiritual Healing Cruise.

E-mail prayer request service, plus prayer (as communication with Divine Creator/God/etc.) and spiritual inspiration, encouragement, etc.

inspirational writings, book chats, women's forum, global page, poetry, holisitic practices

Island of Salvation Botanica
Supplier of custom oils, incense, spiritual supplies, candles,bulk herbs,Haitian, Mexican, and New Orleans art, books, tarot decks, etc. Psychic readings by appt. with Sallie A. Glassman, author of Vodou Visions.

Jacqueline Llewellyn
Hello I am a down to earth spiritual coach and psychic medium also a light trance channel. I offer psychic readings, spiritual guidance readings and Channelled trance readings on a CD. I have been aware of my spirit guides for many years and through my work as a spiritual platform medium I have helped many people find inspiration and guidance from Spirit and their loved ones who have gone on to the spirit realms. I use my gifts of clairvoyance to help you to open your own doorway to spirit. If you would like to find out about my readings you can have a look at my website. May you always be guided by the unseen ones and know that they are here to help you. Blessings Jacqueline

John Roberts' Alcove
Observations on Spiritualism, Dream Experiences, Autobiography, Bible Commentary, many essays on spiritual and social topics.

Kabbala Online
authentic kabbalah wisdom for beginners to experts. ask the kabbalist and send a prayer features.

Kabbalah Insights
Tools for personal guidance. Enchanted metaphysical gifts according to the secrets of the Kabbalah

Karme Choling - Shambhala Meditation Center
Karme Choling offers contemplative programs and retreats that awaken us to a deeper sense of self and community and that allow us to discover the compassion and wisdom inherent in each of us. Karme Choling hosts large organic vegetable and flower gardens, woodland walking trails, and limitless stars that fill the night sky. Come unplug, reflect, and reconnect with your humanity. Leave reinvigorated with new skills and a fresh perspective that will give more meaning to your daily life.

Kayla Productions
Linda is an internationally recognized talk show host, psychic,healer, channeler and spiritualist. Also involved in candle magic, her site takes you through her background, services, products, testimonials and more.

Kevin Ryerson
Kevin Ryerson is an acclaimed author, award winning consultant, expert intuitive and a trance channel in the tradition of Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts. He has been taching and consulting for 28 years. He is featured in Shirley MacLaine's book and mini series Out on a Limb. He offers consulting to individuals, organizations and businesses. His services include appointments, seminars, retreats and transformational travel and on site consulting for businesses and organizations.

Kimbas Creations
Expand your Mind, Explore your Path, and Enlighten your Spirit.

Klara Svar HB
Marie Louise was a nurse and a painter when she suddenly, in 1996, became a amazingly clear medium. became a medium in 1996 and, Together with her husband Robert, she has written two books about her conversations with the spirits. Webisde includes excerpts from the books, several new séances, and an art gallery with her paintings.
The homepage of Sharon Janis, author of Never to Return: A Modern Quest for Eternal Truth, and Spirituality For Dummies (September 2000).

Lady Dyanna
a news letter that offers information on Tarotfocusing on a different card each month, Stones, Colors and herbs as well as monthly horoscopes book review and words of wisdom.

Leading Edge Research Group
Matrix V, in effect, decodes earth reality, as well as the reality beyond the earth experience, in a way that has never been achieved in human literature. Are you really a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’? No. You are spiritual being using a genderized body for experience. Only ‘men’ and ‘women’ buy into the cultural belief that promotes identification with the body and gender, and they continue to revel in Earth life and seek gratification and fulfillment of the DNA programming to which they have become slaves. This is all fine, because we all have incarnations that do this. However, if you are coming from a more evolved perspective in this incarnation, Matrix V is for you. The actual beginning point of these explorations started experientially with actual exploration of other densities slightly out of phase with ours, using out of body travel, however, the scope of this book far exceeds anything ever completed by Robert Monroe, author of three famous books on the subject, Journeys Out Of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. 

Life of Learning Foundation
Website of self-realization author Guy Finley, the founder and director of non-profit Life of Learning Foundation, a school for self study and higher learning located in Merlin, Oregon. Guy is the author of over 40 books and audio products, available on this site, that have helped aspirants worldwide find a life of true happiness and purpose. Guy offers classes open to the public 4 days each week and an online Wisdom School.

Life Purpose Readings
Life Purpose Readings by Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones, a caring, spiritually focused psychic. This reading reveals which lessons you are here to learn, which abilities you are here to acquire or express, and more.

Light Mission
This site is dedicated to offering vital information relative to Unfolding Pure Inner Consciousness (or the Inner Higher Spiritual Self). There willbe found here on-lines books, Meditation manuals and exercises, Insights into the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Alchemy, Astrology, an awesome 'Page ofLinks' to most interesting places, and much much more.

Light on the Page
Light on the Page is devoted to creative spiritual work in words. It provides a gentle process of enlightenment, a perspective on the higher being within each one of us. Reaching for the infinites, lightonthepage is guided by an inner light.

Light Stays Retreats & Living -
Light Stays Retreats & Living features the worlds most advanced directory listings of global retreats, events and classes showcased within our eye-catching website. Through Light Stays find your perfect retreat, event, class or workshop or post yours for others to see. We have you covered from adventure, art, personal development and wellbeing. Animal friends are covered too. We offer 30-day free listings. Join us today. Discover more with Light Stays.

Lightarian Institute
Energetically connect with the Angels and the Celestial Masters with attunement-based energy work. Information, articles, book about personal, planetary transformation.

We provide a cyber-church experience with regular spiritual messages and classes in various areas of spiritual development. Our Interfaith Seminary offers a self-directed study program for those seeking ordination.

Lily Dale Assembly
The world's largest center for the religion of Spiritualism begins it's 133rd year on June 29th. Visit our website for the schedule of daily events, workshops and special events.

Living By Design
Are you genuine to yourself and others? Do you live in integrity with who you are and what your values are? Or, are you like many of us, feeling pulled by external demands, seldom having time for deep connection with yourself, your PURPOSE, or your loved ones? Leslie Karen Sann inspires and motivates people as individuals. She is a warm, intuitive personal coach who encourages the concept of living from your own HEART. Free Newsletter--Subscribe now and begin Living Your Life By Design.Send request to:

Lone Wolf Visions
Visionary healer and artist channeling messages from Spirit. Unique weekly spiritual tarot readings, personal "soul paintings", and handmade amulets and talismans. Free information on aromatherapy, herbs, diet, organic gardening.

Lotus Of Oneness
Spiritual realization, oneness and awakening are explored (with Awareness Sessions also available).

Love and Light - Asheville, NC
Love and Light, located in Asheville, NC is a store that provides life coaching, washes, baths, custom soaks, jewelry and other spiritual products that have been infused with the energy of real twin flames.

Love Back By Vashikaranlo
get my lost love back by vashikaran. Guru ji is a love vashikaran specialist and help people to get love back.

Love Is God
A place for people to come for Inspiration, to be reminded of the importance of nurturing our capacity to Love.

love light laughter and ......
look at spiritual counselling prayers and cermony"s through interfath my ministery

What is the meaning to life? Love is. Find out the secrets to happiness, life, love, peace, & much more.

Lune Soleil Enterprises
Lune Soleil Enterprises features over 6,000 Wiccan and other Pagan goods.

magic Spells Shop
Magic Spells, love spells, money spells, magick spells, spell casting spells, spells casting, magic talismans, love talismans, magic charms, love charms, protection spells, black magic spells, witchcraft

Paganism, Spells, Chatroom

Marvelous Publications
If you like to read stories, explore the annals of human emotion and experience or just peruse a poem or two, Marvelous Publications has got it all. Our blog -"Faith in the Making"- is about learning to walk with God in everyday life. There's also some freebie downloads and a free blovel (translation, "blog novel") too, so take a look around and see ..

Maulana Ashfaq Khan
Muslim Vashikaran is a extremely powerful method that a person can apply at your own level. We want to clear you a single thing that never utilize this method with wrong purposes or for harming somebody because using this technique for wrong purposes will be against the Islam.

Meher Baba Kilden
Learn the art of taking your stand on the Truth within. When you live in this Truth, the result is the fusion of mind and the heart and the end of all fears and sorrow. It is not a dry attainment of mere power or intellectual knowledge. A love which is illumined by the intuitive wisdom of the spirit will bless your life with ever-renewing fulfillment and never-ending sweetness.

Meher Baba, Avatar of the Age
"I have come not to teach but to awaken," said Avatar Meher Baba on the eve of his Silence. The Ancient One, God in human form, awakens through the infinite power of his divine love.

The Awakening.A journey to the true Happiness .
Live Your Spirit, Love Your Life! Resources for creating the life your love, including inspiring articles, meditations, and psychic mediumship readings.

Mind Spirit Network
Live online mind body and spirit festival create or ettend workshops talks readings healers events and shows webcams voice and text free membership the worlds most advanced spiritual switchboard

Mind, Body & Spirit
The website for International Spiritualist Medium, teacher and healer Dr. Ann Marshall director of The Circle of Light Centre, England

Miracles Ministry
A Course in Miracles - based ministry featuring courses, groups, counseling and ceremonies for life transitions.

Mundax Homestay Yoga Meditation Retreat
Mundax is a unique Kerala Homestay with all modern facilities which combine as a Kerala Yoga Meditation Retreat. Guests are welcome to join the yoga classes or stay only to experience the hospitality of a traditional Kerala homestay. Your host is a qualified yoga teacher, who teaches introductory and intermediate yoga without any religious rituals with only a maximum of three students in each yoga class.

Evolution of mind through chaotic resonance. Syncretic blending of symbols and philosophies brings new aspects of old thoughts to light.

My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead.
My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions!

my path reading
My Path Reading is a new spiritual community online that offers a free place for friends and fans to meet others while sharing spirit and readings.

My Spiritual
Hang out with like-minded spiritual seekers. On My Spiritual you will find information on New Age, Metaphysical, Supernatural, and Esoteric subjects, organizations, books, music and other media.

Myrna Lou Palmist/Psychic
Oriental Palmistry is the modality Myrna Lou employs to read palms. Over 26,600 documented in 51 years. On tv and radio, author of "MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? PALM READING FOR FUN AND PROFIT", host/ producer of tv show, "SOUL MATE CONNECITONS". THE LOVE PSYCHIC, Myrna Lou specializes in Soul Mate Relationships.

Mystic Notes
Spiritual Soul Counselor Shanti Rose with quotes on mystics, spirituality & love (with phone sessions available).

Mystic Witch
Mystic Witch offers the mystical community a safe haven to express their views and opinions. All beliefs in the community are respected and honored. We are bringing the community together by offering an outlet for creative expressions. Mystic Witch offers readers a wide range of material to choose from. You will find that this is an old idea with a new flair.

Astral chat, forums and an online course. Articles on Astral Projection,Astral Travel, Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.

NDE Paradigm Project
The NDE Paradigm site is dedicated to the exploration and application of transformative near-death experience life lessons, providing inevitable self-realization of NDE validity. Completely free, authors welcome.

near-death experiences
near-death experiences NDE in quotations

Neuro-Logical Universe
A web-sight (not misspelled) to awaken the soul of each individual on planet Earth, indeed the entire Universe by providing clear knowledge of Who and What each individual is in Truth. We must each share the gifts (talents) we have for the good of the whole!

Noble World Foundation
Available at and other bookstores, the book, Building a Noble World by Shiv R. Jhawar, promotes peace and harmony in the world. It paves the path for world peace by calling for a stronger United Nations, harmony among nations, reconciliation between religions, and inner peace through yoga.

One Level of Heaven
In Search of Self-Realization

One Spirit Project
Facilitating personal growth and spiritual enlightenment through interaction and discussion. Large resource directory.

Open Heart
We are looking for 80,000 people to be part of an experiment in creating world peace through a shift in consciousness. It costs no money and takes only seconds of your time. Will you join us?

Oracle Cards
Information and samples from dozens of oracle, angel and affirmation cards,

Oracle Enterprises
Author of many wonderful booksThe Grand Design seriesA Free SpiritLiving without Fear

Our Father Prayer
A quickly growing website featuring many unique and traditional prayers. We want to unite Christians behind powerful prayers that promote spiritual healing and growth.

Pair Dynion Grove
An online profile of a traditional Craft family, including essays, opinion, and the breakdown of the workings of an active Craft grove.

Pathways, Spiritual Peace
Forums and chatrooms for online discussions in metaphysics, philosophy, psychism, mediumship, spirituality. Expand your being.

Paul Taylor
My name is Paul Taylor and I wrote a work about metaphysics and spirituality, available in full for free on my website, I made this work for those interested in the nature and structure of reality, thought and energy, and metaphysics and spirituality. My written work is concise but dense with information. It takes the form of a series of metaphysical equations or formulas describing spiritual concepts displayed as a set of images. I offer my limited perspective on metaphysics and spirituality with the caveat that I make mistakes and that I live and learn. My website is sometimes updated and edited, so the content of my work can change anytime. If you have questions or comments about my work, please direct them to me using the contact information on my website. Yours sincerely, Paul
Walking as a penniless pilgrim for 28 years, Peace Pilgrim spread her simple yet profound message of inner and outer peace. From 1953 to 1981 she touched the hearts and minds of thousands all across North America.

Site focusing on the commonalityof a variety of religions in scripture.

"Based on the 'Conversations with God' mythology by Neale Donald Walsch. We are a volunteer operated international spiritual upliftment network. Take care of the soul."

Personal pages of an apprentice
Persoanl spiritual pages to help others understand the basis of truth that the soul survives earthly life.
animated art dealing with word patterns

Philosophical Self-Inquiry
Home page of the Philosophical Self-Inquiry Discussion Group of Pittsburgh, with background info on Zen, Ch'an, advaita vedanta, and other systems of maximum self-realization.

Philosophical Self-Inquiry Discussion Group of Pittsburgh
A group aimed at implementing maximum systems of self-discovery, an approach that can be anywhere by finding a few people to work with.

Pillars of Light Spiritual Center
Free directory of resources and tools for self discovery.

Point of Life
Interviews, Books of wisdom, poetry Contest, Humor, and Great links at Michael Levy's Point of Life.

Point of Life Inc
Michael Levy. Poet, Author, Philosopher and motivational/financial speaker, home web site: Poetry Contests, Books, Articles, Interviews, Humor, Spirit Test, Great Links and Much More

PowerSoul exists to empower you on your divine journey by equipping you with the wisdom and tools to living in soulful alignment. PowerSoul Enrichment Experience will ignite the vibrant spectrum of your supreme self. The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Now is the time to live your best life.

A short guide to discovering the true meaning of your life here on earth

Project X
Deep exploration into personal paranormal experiences, embracing the Universe and the Existence, bi-weekly newsletter, free downloads and a permanent search for the Chosen Ones.

prophetess collins
Spiritualist endowed with the gift of Prophecy. Able to foresee your life's course from birth to the present and your future.

Prophetess Collins

psychic artist/medium
I offer a worldwide service of psychic art through the post.I link in with spirit with a name and draw a portrait of a loved one connected with you. I also receive pieces of information whilst drawing which I will send to you with the picture.I offer a sincere professional service to you.

Psychic Intuitive Life Coaching session with WildFlower
A Psychic Intuitive Life Coaching session with WildFlower offers Wisdom, Insight, and Clarity regarding your health, life path, business and spiritual matters. This is no ordinary psychic consultation nor is it your average life coaching appointment!

Psychic Medium
Kerry is a Psychic medium who specializes in after life communication. Readings by phone or in person.

Psychic Stuff
Natalie Lewis is a professional psychic, clairvoyant and healer with over 30 years experience who lives in Buckingamshire, near London.She has been internationally recognised for her work, her caring, personal approach and sincerity.Born with her psychic abilities, Natalie has developed her intuitive skills over the years and now has a wealth of experience and expertise.
We offer professional online readings & life counseling by email & live chat.All of our readers here at are genuine & honest readers.If you'd like to be notified of discounted reading offers please contact us to join our mailing list at.For sprit guide readings or love/romances or any of your concerns contact Blackbirdwing clairvoyant,medium master psychic.

Psychic Elements is determined to create the largest astrology, divination, and spirituality community in the world.

Creative Writer's Spiritual site, fun, informative, creative. Free psychic readings online. Psychic readings by Patrica (fee)

Psychictopia is a resource dedicated to all-things psychic and spiritual.

Pure Rieki
Lightarian Reiki Teacher Distant & Remote Healing

Readings With Michelle
Michelle Beltran is a psychic, psychic medium and a spiritual life coach and helps guide you through your problems to a successful solution. For more information, visit her website.

Red Lotus Spiritual
Explores spiritual awakening, love, inner growth with guidance and meditation basics for harmony.

Reiki Burst
"Reiki Now" gracefuloasis@gmail.comJust let the flow of Universal Life Force come!Say "Reiki Now" to start the flow to you, your plants, animals, situation, where ever you want it to go. In 30 min it will stop. Easy ! Enjoy !

Relevant Spirituality
A spirituality for the life you are living today. Available online whenever you need inspiration, motivation,counseling or comfort 24/7/365. This is a "church on demand" for those seeking spiritual meaning. Everyone is welcome and honored.
Spiritual texts and materials illuminating way of self-perfection, spiritual growth, evolution and cognition of God.

Return to Egypt
If you feel a call to visit Egypt imagine going there to have a past life regression inside the Great Pyramid. Now you can! Jo Buchanan is a top Regression Therapist. She invites you join her in a group session inside the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid. Transcend time and space and move through your own "pages through the ages." Join us for this amazing 15 day spiritual adventure to Egypt. We will leave the ordinary behind us and step through the veil that separates our physical reality from our spiritual reality. For more information contact Janne at

Rev. Angela Heil Ministries
Customized Wedding,Baby blessings,namings, memorials and by an Interfaith Minister Rev. Heil. Rev. Heil is a Reiki Master and gifted T.V. psychic medium. Please check out her lecture and workshop schedules.Learn Reiki, Resonance Healing,Labyrinths,Guided imagery,PSI Development and more.

Revealing the Silence
A wonderful website based on the truth about life after death offering lots of interesting information, articles and rare books to enhance your spiritual growth. Featuring an amazing book written in 1898 about a man who was guided by a higher spirit who explains his extraordinary adventures of reaching the gate of heaven. Truly an inspirational experience!

Reverend Pulido
Spiritual information and links, Poems, Herbal Recipes, and information to awaken the spirit within.

RJ Stewart
The work of RJ Stewart, international authority on the faery tradition, Merlin Prophecies and the UnderWorld traditions.
Free Buddha postcards and more, with a psychedelic touch. Beautiful animated graphics are updated daily. Send an inspirational message to the ones you love and make a difference. Check out the Buddha's Zen cooking recipes, cyber-mantra, and more.

Rumi Foundation
Website on Rumi and Sufism

Sacred Fields of Possibility
Helping individuals who want to work through emotional/spiritual pain by means of an alternative to traditional counseling or religious direction, acquire new tools, and feel calmer, connected, constructive, and capable of moving forward in their lives.

Sacred Lifestyles
The Sacred Language of Light is in the form of PIctographs/Dance/Music and Poetry

Sacred Peace Center
Programs and tools for bringing inner and outer peace through workshops, cds, spiritual books, ceremonies, ritual, Mayan Soul Retrieval healing, pilgrimages, chanting mantras, wisdom teachings, Divine Mother Grace and more. Founded by Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, International Peace Shaman.

Sacred Rudraksha
Genuine Nepali and Javanese Rudraksha beads. All types of malas and mukhis 1-21.

Sananda Spiritual Center
Everything you need to follow a spiritual path. We offer information, advice, and an incredibly complete gift shop with spiritually related items including Om and Reiki jewelry, meditation supplies, incense, journals, Quartz crystals and gem trees, chakra energy pendants, Healing Kits, clothing, and so much more..... Namaste

Sananda's Eagles/Ashtar's Trinity
A Sacred Space of Unconditional Love and Non-Judgment for those on all Paths. Sponsored by Lord Sananda and Ashtar. Uniting the Truths of Spirit with the Reality of the Space Brotherhood.

Sanctuary of Enlightened Life
Sanctuary of Enlightened Life is a non-profit Temple of the Western Mysteries, devoted to the continuation of the teachings and practices of the western esoteric pathways to Self-Realization. The sanctuary offers free online courses in Esoteric Tarot, Qabalah, the Tree of Life, High Magic, and features monthly teachings related to spiritual development.

Sathya Sai Baba. Prema Vahini
Modern Spirituality: Teaching of God and Our Vision.

Sedona Visitor Bureau
Vacation Planning in Sedona

Please stop by & join me in spiritual growth.

Self-Healing Expressions
Self-Healing Expressions provides free and nominally priced self-paced email courses on holistic and personal growth topics. Site features guided meditation and Holistic Prayers. Course topics include Romantic Resume, Grief Healing, Pet Loss, Nutrition, Laugh Therapy, Healing the Earth, Wisdom of Thoreau, Personal Power and more.

Serenity Vibration Healing
SVH is a personal empowerment tool that works at the transcendent levels to reform foundations of limiting beliefs and perceptions that are stopping you from reaching your highest ideal. The foundation for this modality is Quantum level reprogramming, which is a reformatting tools that empowers the Creator to energetically release barriers and blocks that have seeded or built upon limiting beliefs and perceptions that are anchored in your experiences in this lifetime. If you would like to know more about SVH, please visit the podcast and telecast section of the website, where you can access free recordings with many clearing topics like blocks to abundance, a relationship series and more. Each telecast is tantamount to an SVH mega clearing and will give you a flavor of the deep genetic and current life clearing potentials. You can also review our list of SVH practitioners and the course schedules of our teachers.

Seven Rays Today
A new appreciation of the Ageless Wisdom and Esoteric Astrology.

Shamanic Evolution
Offering a full range of shamanic tools and services for healing, empowerment, and transformation.

Shambhala Sun
The Shambhala Sun is a Buddhist-inspired magazine, applying the wisdom of the world's great contemplative traditions to the arts, social issues, politics and health.

Shanti Lin Rose Spiritual Counselor & Teacher
Spiritual counseling and mindfulness instruction with Shanti Lin Rose by phone or in person Monterey Bay CA.

ShivaRudraBalaYogi Mission
come my brothers and sisters, join me....let us dive deep into the ocean of Bliss..

Shri Atman Bhagwan Charitable Trust
Parmatman Shri Sat-Chit-Atman has explained spirituality and spiritual principles - non violence, truth, compassion, Brahm Mantra and about Religion. Spirituality is not possible without strict adherence to Non-violence.

simply psychics
The Psychic Company is a unique collection of over 200 psychics, mediums, tarot readers and astrologers all reading at expert level. Established over 14 years. All readers have multiple spiritual gifts and can offer advice on all life aspects, including, love, relationships, psychic experiences, career, predictions, decision making. Many of our readers are spiritual teachers and some are published authors of books with the spiritual arena.

Site of The Soul
Explore the consciousness of The Soul and your spirituality on many levels. Reflect on the Daily Meditation, send an Egreeting, take a walk through the Temple, visit the Birthing Room, find treasures in the bookstore, discover prophecy in the Hall of Right and Truth. Visit each section of this multi layered site. Much to ponder and enjoy!

Sonne Publishing
Choices that promote personal spiritual growth and unfoldment

why my? why this? why now?

Sophia's Web
Site provides poetry and prose primarily regarding the Divine Wisdom, or Sophia. Reveals underlying patterns at base of all religions and reflects on how our gender or sexuality as human beings is mirrored in universal process (Tao).

Sort Life Out
Guide & Directory for balanced & conscious living, Tips for Transformation & self mastery, Discover your true purpose & meaning in life

Soul Gifts
Tools, tips and guidance to embraceand unleash the uniqueness of the soul gifts you have within

Soul I am
Our journey personal and the help we give to each other

Soul Journey
inspirational writings, women's forum, holistic practitioners, book club & chat, global happenings, links

Soul Prosperity
Soul empowerment through bringing out all your divine potentials! Free affirmation, prayers, weekly empowerment tools and more. Spiritual empowerment readings available....

Soul Searchers
Find amazing books, therapies that can change your life. Thousands have benefitted from the meditation and other programmes so why don't you also take the oppurtunity and change your life for good

Find out how you can connect to your spirit guides and helpers in the non-physical. Learn more about past lives and why we are here.

Spells Magic Mystical Talismans
Shop offering spells magick, voodoo witchcraft, blackmagic charms voodoo rituals sells books and more

Spiral Musings
This blog discusses Wiccan and other Pagan topics.

Spirit Nest
The Spirit Nest is a place of sharing for spiritual growth and healing.

Spirit Sanctuary
Self-induced contact in the afterlife can be experienced safely by anyone. It enables you to communicate with loved ones in heaven.

Spirit Songs
A Sacred Space for Healing of Body, Mind, Spirit and for Wholeness, Wellness, Wisdom. Visit Ancient Civilizations, Sacred Pathways, Angels, Animal Communications, Astrology, Crystals and Stones, Extraterrestrial, Hierarchs, Knowledge Postings, Nature Spirits, Pleiadian, Life Spiral Counseling, Life Spiral Stones, Rainbow Shoppe, Sacred Pathways, Stepping Stone Crystals, Universal Lightray Posts, and Voyageur Insights.

Spiritech Virtual Foundation
Spiritech is a research and teaching entity geared toward exploring the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of emerging telecommunications and information technology. Our vision is to make accessible to the greatest number of people possible the significance and implications of 'deep technology', the spirituality-technological interface.
SpiritForum is your community site, a place where you can voice your ideas, your thoughts and your feelings on a vast variety of topics.

A writer's site for the new age and paganism.

Traditionally from the ancient past thru the distant future- thse "tuning-forks" of the spirits await the "Awakened".. Meta-Directory Meta-Directory. The Spiritual Internet Starts Here! The ideal starting point for all your spirit-related internet activities, guiding you to more specific, option-rich starting points.

Spiritual and Human Potential
Spiritual Guidance, Readings, Self-Help Tapes, Hypnosis Tapes, Classes and Workshops.

Spiritual Counseling
This an opportunity for you to find direction in your spiritual life. I use interfaith pastoral techniques in conjunction with tarot.

Spiritual Counseling
When we live according to what's really true for us, suffering naturally drops away, authentic action spontaneously arises, and we are able to meet each moment with wisdom, clarity, peace, and love. In my private practice, I help my clients to discover this truth for themselves, using as my primary tool an inquiry process known as The Work of Byron Katie. I am available for sessions in my Palo Alto, California office, and for sessions by phone.

Spiritual Evolution
creative spirituality and channelled messages, ascension-driven spiritual evolution

Spiritual Freedom
Official Spiritual website containing the original teaching of spirituality and how to attain spiritual freedom.

Spiritual Friend
A free website designed to help you meet other spiritual friends in your city.

Spiritual Gate
Spiritual Gate publishes a daily progressive newspaper for people seeking spiritual and emotional growth. Online shop with a great selection of unique spiritual gifts.

Spiritual Gate-Openers/Nuts & Bolts Spirituality
Richard Blackstone explores this concept called 'spirituality' with the intention of coming to clarity on the deeply held beliefs we hold about life. These core belief systems are the gateway to our understanding of what serves us and what doesn't serve us. Wisdom and clarity are the watchwords here.

Spiritual How To
An introductory guide to being spiritual, modes of healing, inspirational verse and images.

Spiritual Knowledge by Parmtaman Shri Sat-Chit-Atman - Spiritual Group
Parmatman Shri Sat-Chit-Atman has explained spirituality and spiritual principles - non violence, truth, compassion, Brahm Mantra and about Religion. Spirituality is not possible without strict adherence to Non-violence. See more in the website.

Spiritual Life Paths
A place to learn and share... - What do you know about your Spiritual Life Path? Why are YOU here? Spirituality explored - How to be more aware, Meditation, Naturopathic and Homeopathic Remedies and lots more! Namaste! Come and have a look, Sign our guest book ;)

Spiritual Paths
SpiritualPaths: A collection of articles about Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Spirituality, Energy work and Auras, Yoga as well as Meditation.

Spiritual Paths
SpiritualPaths: A collection of articles about Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Spirituality, Energy work and Auras, Yoga as well as Meditation.

Spiritual Porthole
An International British Spirit Medium.

Spiritual Quests
Resource for discounted books and audio to assist you in your spiritual journey to a fulfilling and happy life.

Spiritual Souls
Free online Psychic & Spiritual Discussion Group. We are a large, but new community specialising in "everything" spiritual and psychic. Please stop by and say hi!

Spiritual Spiritual Spiritual .com
Original Spiritual Teaching of Spirituality and Spiritual Freedom.

Spiritual Springtime
A cyber-tree whose leaves are our prayers and dreams for the new age; a cyber-object of art providing spiritual practice for visitors; a database of dreams and a growing list of links to other sites which represent the roots of spiritual springtime.

Spiritualist Medium Rev. Mary Hoppe
Contact your spirit guides, angels and loved ones in a telephone reading with an ordained spiritualist minister, teacher & consultant of spirit world. Mary Hoppe is a gifted clairvoyant & medium who teaches in Northeast Florida.

Spirituality & Religion Links
Some of the best spirituality/religion links on the web

Spirituality Blog
Consciousness, human awakening, spirituality and the Multiverse are some of the frequent topics of this site. Take charge of your destiny now.

This web site is dedicated to the demystification and teaching of spiritual enlightenment from a non dual perspective.

This site is about the teaching and demystification of spiritual enlightenment and the attainment of ultimate truth realization.

Spiritually Speaking
There is a Divine Order to everything in life. It is for this reason that exactly where you are at any given time in life, is exactly where you should be according to the Divine unfolding of your consciousness and life. Are you interested in: Spiritually Speaking's Daily Guide? Daily Prayer and Healing List? Eastern Religion and Thought? Horoscopes and Astrology? Chicken Soup for the Soul? The Daily Motivator? Positive Thoughts and Affirmations Spiritual articles and sites? Being welcomed into a community without the pressure of having to share- lurking is just fine! .. and much more! Then this group is for you! Our group offers something for everyone! If you need a place to hang your hat for awhile .. even a long while .. please come on in and join us. I started this group for all people, from all walks of life, and all different life experiences. Everyone is welcome! ADD YOUR LIGHT TODAY! PLEASE practice a Random Act of Kindness
Personal and Spiritual Development through consciousness transformations to profound live changes. Online Skype sessions for vanishing problems, achieving goals, reaching higher states of consciousness and personal spiritual development.

Spirituele praktijk Amersfoort De Energiebol Healing
U kunt hier terecht voor diversen healings voor mens en dier

Stan Schaap
Practical spirituality, not as taught by any master, church, or special school of thought, but just as I'm learning it - like you. Meditations, shared writings, discussions, books & links.

Starr-Rhapsody Creations
Engage in this journey to enhance and promote spiritual awareness. Indulge in rich philosophies, resources, and guidance for this exploration of self.

Steel Ministries
An exciting spiritual journey featuring real life miracles, prophecy and personal experience.

Stella Sole
Quotations of spiritual interest taken from Stella Sole's work as well as synopsis of her published works. Biography and personal interviews with the author. Reading Group for discussion of topical questions and a guide of interpretation of dreams.

Stella Sole
Quotations of spiritual interest taken from Stella Sole's work as well as synopsis of her published works. Biography and personal interviews with the author. Reading Group for discussion of topical questions and a guide of interpretation of dreams.

Stepping Stones
Travelers digest of perspectives and experiences that go beyond the physical realm. Angel healing temple and spiritual guidance.

StormJewel's Wiccan, Pagan and New Age Gifts
Visit my home in the enchanted woods for Pagan and Wiccan supplies, New age, alternative healing & divination tools, lovely jewellery, including Buddhist, Egyptian, and Celtic pendants. There's also good free stuff including software & a free online meditation!

Stormsong Systems
Besides some resume-like information about myself, I have included original stories, poems, music and art in my home site. I have also included several articles/lectures on magick and psychic matters.

Stress Angel Therapy
Emotionald and Spiritual Growth. Inspiration and Daily Guidance. Self Help, Empowerment, Affirmations, Relaxation Tips and Advice

Studies on Life
Teachings of Gladys Franklin on the subconscious mind, the soul and the afterlife. Investigation in and out of the body has shown that auric colours generated by one’s brighter feelings are crucially important to feed the soul with light. Provides a coherent understanding of the meaning of life based entirely on personal experiences and proven facts. All are welcome and can achieve serenity through self transformation.

A great website, contains the history of Sufism, Biographies of some great Sufis, Prophet Mohammad & Sufism, Sahaba & Sufism, an introduiction to World Religions etc.

Susie Lighter Master Psychic Readings
Insights with Master Psychic Susie Lighter for all life areas including spiritual path and also relationships.

Systematique, Inc.
Daily spiritual messages which will change your life. Practical and wise daily guidance from Quado via Carrie Hart, an author, singer, songwriter, and spiritualist. Also on, listen to sample songs from Carrie's CDs.

Tamara Psychic To The Stars
Seen on TV,heard on radio. Tamara psychic to the stars is accurate and amazing.19 years experience.Call toll free 1-888-382-6272. All credit cards accepted. Call today. Tamara is a psychic for our time.

Teachings of Silver Birch
Spiritual teachings from a shining being in the world of spirit.

Thangka Mandala - Art Gallery and Blog
A small family business based in Nepal, we are here to spread Buddhism through imagery and simple explanations of Thangkas.

The 2012 Shift
The Shift of the Ages is upon us right on time. According to the Maya, we are shifting into a new age, place and space of personal and collective transformation or change on our planet.

An online profile of a traditional Craft family, including essays, opinion, and the breakdown of the workings of an active Craft grove. Our ancestors have handed us a rich legacy of profound knowledge and understanding that has been lost to many of us for various reasons. This site is an effort to unite, present and preserve that history.

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle
enrich your life with free distant healing. improve your health and wellbeing and, by gaining spiritual insight, help create global awareness. a helpful stepping stone on your path to enlightenment.

The Authentic Website of Spiritual Teacher Raphael
Advanced spiritual studies for higher minds.This web site is for those individuals who are sincerely searching for the truth concerning the one true God and His Creation.

The Awakening
Heaven is far away, and the next Reincarnation is still in Imagination ...Being here now, is such a joy .

The Call
Unveils revelatory esoteric facts regarding the long-prophesied and now unfolding Aquarian Passion Play on Earth

The Co-Creator Assocation
We are a spiritual organization dedicated to trying to better understand our spiritual selves and the reality in which we live in.

The Crystal Cloister
Universal gemstone prayer beads, individually crafted by a spiritual artisan, to aid your life journey.

AUGUST 7, 14, 21 & 28 with Eli Sachmorov Kabbalah is ancient knowledge about life. The way to attain perfection is called Kabbalah. Studying the Kabbalah is an opportunity that can change your life. 7:30 - 9:30 PM $10 per class

Dedicated to the spiritual search in cyberspace. Articles, Links, Newsletter supporting Enlightenment Online.

The Fifth Goddess
Strengthen your spiritual practice with unique weekly affirmation, prayer and meditation ritual. Get spiritual feedback on life's everyday challenges from The Goddess Within. Read humorous, thought provoking essays that extrapolate the spiritual messages from our common experiences. Learn how to identify and communicate with your internal voices through our free ezine. Win an autographed copy of the novel The Fifth Goddess by playing goddess trivia. Find out about Staci's workshop "Empower The Goddess Within" and much more.

The Fourth Way Teachings
Extensive material on the Fourth Way Teachings by Rebecca Nottingham, including lectures, glossary, articles.

The Goddess Network
The Goddess Network is a resource for helping women achieve balance by bringing the Divine Feminine Spirit into their personal and organizational lives through books, live events, discussion groups, and an online presence. Our message is one of female empowerment and positive thinking.

The Healing Power of Light
A site devoted to Healing and Spirituality.

The Immortals
Physical immortality is an idea at the edge of a new paradyme.Through the blending of spirituality and science, the Immortals are helping to change an idea of what it means to be the new human.Exploring the next level of our evolutionary experience as Homo Luminous means a being that has transformed at least 33% of their dense cellular substance into light. Physical immortality is physical mastery. Physical immortality is not achieved but practiced moment by moment.

The Kabbalah Centre
The Kabbalah Centre is a place of spiritual discovery where people of all backgrounds and religions can learn skills and discover tools to enhance and improve their lives. The Centre's teachings are based on ancient wisdom expressed in the Torah and the Zohar, the main source of kabbalistic knowledge.The courses are relevant to people of all faiths, and can be learned in a class or workshop environment as well as through books, tapes and videos.

The Last Testament:A Call To Holiness
The Last Testament:A Call To Holiness by John Peniel(John the Beloved) is written by a person whose entry into the earth plane was predicted by Edgar Cayce.

The Little Scribe Ron Bateman
Find out more information about mychanneled writings from the White Brotherhood and Brian in the Realms of Spirit. Download a copy of my free Ebook "The Little Scribe" containing the writings from spirit.

The Medium Maria
I have been using my psychic gifts for almost 15 years to help people in need. Today, as an online medium, I am renowned for my skills as a numerologist and a tarot reader. I offer you to test my trial offer: the Free Psychic Reading.

The Michael Students Website
A site for and about the Students of the Michael Teachings, which are a spiritual teaching for living life on the physical plane. There are student articles and channelings, and a Student Registry available.

The Omian Project
"Creating Sacred Spaces of the Divine One's Places" The Omian Project is a leading component in the field of advanced metaphysics, knowledge and wisdom centering on the cosmic awareness of life brought directly into all realms for comsumption and intergrations into the Whole plan for all beings and all life forms. The website has information of current activity. Enjoy the content as Omian expresses her Divine Intent.

Affordable readings available please refer to the page for details and prices

The Running Fox Pages
Running Fox Pages is a bilingual website, English and Dutch, sharing stories, texts, meditations, illustrations (for example mandalas) and other artistic work in the fields of spirituality, awareness and personal growth.

The Soul's Journey into Light
Deep support for personal growth and spiritual evolution

The application of core Buddhist ideas to Tranformative Spiritual Counseling. You can subscribe to the weekly e-zine by going to the web site.

The Spiritual Sanctuary
The Spiritual Sanctuary has become a placewhere people from all over explore their beliefs and share their inspiration.

The Spirituality Post
The premiere Spirituality news magazine featuring videos, books, art and teachers from all over the world! Our mission is to provide the best links and resources to our subscribers for them to do their own research in developing an awareness of their own spirituality. Our purpose is to help you discover yours! Peace and blessings to you and your family on your individual journey!

The Studio Too
The Studio Too offer Bible verse and scenic T-shirts and refrigerator magnets.

The Teachings of Surtoma
The Teachings of Surtoma is for the truth seeker that longs to know their true “Origin” which is you Soul, and where you come from. It is not the physical ancestry or what religion has taught for centuries. If you have ever wondered about Soul as to: Who, what, or where...then this teaching is for you; and learn how to prove it to yourself by way of Direct Experience out-of- body exploration as Soul. Secrets and long forgotten truths have been kept from the masses in order to have power and control over them. Now is the time for you to have the “real power” back in your life. Books,Home study discourses, and workshops as taught by Surtoma

The Third Sacred School
This spiritual education site is an open door for all who long to find and express the truth of their Being. As one awakens to their divine character, a process begins to unfold naturally wherein one finds that 'all things' be called to Remembrance. In finally letting Life live us, rather than trying to live Life, we then are wholly open and willing to let the Creative Process of the Truth of Love be made manifest on earth where it has been frustrated by man's unwillingness to come into Attunement with the Law of Love.

The Unlikely Spiritualist
A website and blog dedicated to finding your own path through the different religions out there. Topics include energy work, healing, divination, witchcraft, shamanism and many others

The way of the heart
A spiritual website, with poetry, prayer, art, self-healing. A place of rest, to become inspired and refreshed again, with guidelines to heal yourself.You are to be loved!

The Writings of Mary Baker Eddy
Did you know there's a book on spirituality that's been a bestseller for over 90 years? Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy, has improved the lives of millions. It's the premiere book on the mind-body connection, with practical spirituality that heals and enriches. First-hand accounts tell of finding effective ways to pray, discovering a deeper meaning to life, and gaining lasting health and peace of mind.

As a Tantra Heart Guide, I wish to create dialog and explore with others our exquisite human incarnation. We are the sensual, sexual, gloriously alive expressions of the Divine Heart that lives and breathes all beings. I welcome the heart-songs of many in their passions and pleasures, and in their desires and dispairs. We exist as the essence of Love. Love that heals, regenerates and transforms. In this tranformation life is sacred, passion is prayer, and living true worship. Worship of ourselves, of others, of the Earth, and of LIFE.

Thoughtful Living
A collection of Near Death Experiences for understanding and learning about life, combined with the author's NDE insights.

Thoughts of Love is a place to share your creativity in writing Poetry or Stories. Online since January, 2001, Thoughts of Love features writers from as far away as England, to as close to (my home) in Hawaii. Surf in for a visit! Mahalo.

Three Mile Point Publishing
A wake-up call for 21st century spiritualists. Mystic Robert Egby weaves an ojective path through metaphysics to the Universal Mind.

It is the first online magazine from the himalayan kingdom of Nepal on spirituality,meditation,hinduism,buddhism,tantra,sutra,yoga and many more.

Clear vision and deep knowledge of healing through many levels. Private sessions by phone or in office; call (919) 833-5333.

Patty AlessiReiki Master Teacher and PractitionerTranquil Source ReikiSchool of Energy Balancing Private SessionsReiki Trainings & CertificationGroup WorkshopsLecturesLong Island NY

Transformational Tools Made Simple
Free ColorCard Reading, articles on spiritual matters, products: books, tapes, and cards for spiritual growth, links page.

Traveling Light
Prema Dasara and Anahata offer the 21 Praises of Tara Mandala dance throughout the US, Australia and NZ. They also sell videos and music of the tara dance.

Who stole our history? And contact for Spiritual healing

Tricel Communications
In 1969, Lennon declared his mission for World Peace from Toronto. Understood and invigorated, it begins again from Toronto in 2001. It is the LennonTask.

TwinSoul's Web
A comprehensive net resource center on twinsoul, twinflame and soulmate information, including numerous links to website articles, twinsoul book listings, featured articles, discussion forum and more.

unCommonBond Inc
Speakers, Musicians, Authors, Performers have bonded together in one place to offer their insights into Consciousness from uncommon viewpoints – with a common foundation – LOVE. Articles, chats, e-cards, events, contests and more.

Unfold into ONE
The Blending of the human and the Divine in the new ascension. Ornesha and Kara's ascension.

Unicorn Psychics
A team of caring psychics to give guidance with everyday problems, as well as those that are unexplainable.

United Interfaith
United Interfaith is a website dedicated to showing the people of the world that no matter what your religious beliefs are, you don't have to go around being mean to each other!

Universal Oneness United Spiritual Organization
A New Age, Metaphysical, Spiritual Organization dedicated to the study of The Sacred Path of the Ancients with the motto: "Love is All that Is and We're All One!"

A site by a medical doctor on the Indian Philosophy of advaita vedanta (absolute non-dualism)

Virgin Words
Here you will discover the pure and innocent words of onlinespirit who is guided by the karmic spirit of uma sundari

Welcome to Anastasia's World - Bienvenue
Anastasia is a Psychic Consultant working with Name, Date of Birth and Location of Clients who consult her. Her work is done through a form of "Cosmic Telepathy" and also consists of Spiritual awakening and enlightenment and sharing of Spiritual knowledge and understanding with more than 20 years of personal research, etc.

Where Spirit Speaks
Where Spirit Speaks is a concept, a sharing place for people of all faiths and beliefs to come and express freely and openly what makes them who they are.

White Light Enterprises, Inc
Your website for accurate, self-empowering Psychic Readings, Astrology Charts, contests, classes, chats and more! Join us for our bi-weekly free Mini-Readings in the chatroom! Contribute to planetary healing: visit the 'LightList'!

Whitfield Recovery Portal
A free site by Barbara Harris Whitfield, a member of the board of directors for the Kundalini Research Network, and her husband, Dr. Charles Whitfield, author of "Healing the Child Within." Barbara's research into Kundalini is found here, as well as her books, including "Full Circle," "Final Passage," and "Spiritual Awakenings." The "Go-to" site for the Whitfields' research into spirituality and integration.

Whole Spectrum Healing
Spiritual Healer, Psychic and Medium. Teacher of Healing and Metaphysical Subjects.

A body-oriented interpretation of A Course in Miracles. 123 ideas

The personal website of Darrell Grizzle, a large but friendly Dancing Bear. Explorations in Creation Spirituality, poetry, and peace activism.

Wisdom Seekers of New Zealand
Alternative Lifestyle Resource Directory, many health and healing modalities, spiritual growth and educational information; Wisdomseekers Newsletter,with inspirational stories,health and healing articles; A guide to Whats On in the spirutal, health and healing community around New Zealand; Link Up, classifieds to help you find a soulmate, flatmate etc and also a Message Board for discussion on tarot, astrology, massage, crystals and your personal growth.

Wisefool Press
Jed McKenna is an American original, and his delightful Spiritual Enlightenment is just what is needed to wake us up from slumber.
This page is intended for you to share your experiences of how you have come to realize what your soul's purpose is. This page is for people who are searching for answers. Maybe you might find a few answers to some of your questions from this page, and it is also for people who want to share a few of their extraordinary experiences.
Rediscover the Essence of you. This website offers an eclectic array of modalities and information through which you may explore the unique essence of who you really are. We utilize a blending of spiritual with practical methods; transformative astrology, spiritual principles, metaphysical concepts, esoteric techniques (ascension/ light body work, rays, meditations, energy healings etc).

~Judy's World ~
One womans views on Family, Love, Life, Spirituality and the Understanding needed to sustain ourselves and others in our every day lives~

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