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Rx 4 Health
Rx 4 Health Mickey McGee

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The Wholefood Farmacy opened for business in March 2003 with a mission to supply healthy convenient wholefood based meals & snacks, non-toxic personal care items, and to educate the public regarding a preventative based lifestyle.

Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating
Quick-to-cook meat substitutes, soyfoods, egg & milk replacements, vegetarian cookbooks

Action for Animals Network
Action for Animals Network believes that all abused, neglected, and exploited animals merit our attention and concern.AAN focuses on animals who suffer in the meat and dairy industries; the circus industry; and the fur industry. We seek to network with like-minded progressive organizations. - Vegetarian Restaurants - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Vegetarian Restaurants, Health Food Restaurants, Casual Dining Restaurants, Restaurants/Food & Dining.

Cell Tech
Earn a substantial income assisting in the distribution of an increadible wild grown organic food, Send name/address for FREE TAPE that explains it all!

Christian Vegetarian Association
We advocate a diet consistent with Christian principles, believing that love and compassion should inspire all of us to protect and nurture our bodies, fellow beings, and the rest of Creation. We recognize that most people are unaware that contemporary animal agriculture systems cause great pain and suffering to innocent creatures, and most people don't know about the effects of animal agriculture on the environment and world food supplies and even their own health.

Cook Vegetarian Recipes
Vegetarian recipes at the online home of Cook Vegetarian! Magazine.

Cool Vegan
Cool Vegan is a gathering place for cool vegans everywhere to connect, share, shop, and cavort. We aim to provide the best information on the web for vegans with discriminating tastes.

Famous Veggie
A list of famous vegans/vegetarian,recipes,quotes, and a resturant guide.

Happy Vegan!
Vegan resources and recipes for anyone aspiring to lead an animal-friendly life.

providing vegetarians around the world with vegetarian & vegan healthy restaurant dining and health food store locations.

Funny colorful t-shirts with a vegetarian message

immunoquest laboratories
we produce & sell super veggies - encapsulated, 100% pure, organic vegetable sprouts. sprouts are super vegetables in nutrition...20-100 times more anti-cancer activity than grown plants and help control appetite and provide energy.

Joanne Stepaniak
A complete guide to vegan living, including the award-winning column Ask Joanne!, an archive of FAQs, essays on vegan living, and a vibrant discussion board, all hosted by Joanne Stepaniak, acclaimed author of The Vegan Sourcebook, Being Vegan, and numerous vegan cookbooks.

Minoesj : The Vegetarian Voice
Post articles, questions, remarks or links on the forum or find vegetarian resources and FAQs. Chat with other vegetarians and animal rights supporters.

mumm's Sprouting Seeds Ltd.
Certified organic sprouting seeds, over 50 kinds, most available in our online store.

Rajesh Shah
Vegetarianism covers a wide spectrum of acceptabilities not all of which would be consistent with the principle of non-violence. This is a short and practical introduction to this subject. It also highlights the dangers posed by creeping abandonment of non-violence as people are convinced by arguments (which do not stand up to questioning) of the acceptability of various product such as eggs, honey, alcohol, etc

Soy Happy campaign
Join the campaign to get veggie dogs included in the mainstream menu of Major League Ballparks and other large venues. Ballparks are listening and you can make a big difference!

A unique project to promote a plant-based diet.

The Vegetarian Resource Group
The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger. In addition to publishing the Vegetarian Journal, VRG produces and sells cookbooks, other books, pamphlets, and article reprints.

The Vegetarian Site
A rich online source for vegetarianor vegan living: animal rights,health and nutrition, news,editorials, free recipes, veganshopping and more!

Distributor of books and tapes on holistic health, humane education, vegan diet, dairy products, non-violence, spirituality, animal rights and environmental ethics.

Triangle Vegetarian Society
We are a very active group based in North Carolina. Our website offers resources, such as links, articles, presentations, and bulk recipes, of use to anybody anywhere interested in vegetarian issues.

Vegan Family House
A Scottish vegan family offer information and advice on veganism, recipes, parenting, children, books with a message board too.

Vegetarian Associations of DFW
DFW Vegetarian includes associations, social events, restaurants, speakers, and general information about vegetarians and vegans in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Vegetarian Society of Georgia
The Vegetarian Society of Georgia exists to support the vegetarian lifestyle and to promote an understanding of those matters related to vegetarianism.

An online resource and community for those interested in healthy and cruelty-free living.

A site for veggies who believe its more than just a diet "animals carn't speak for themselves so we must speak for them"

Vegetarian alternatives to deli sandwich meats, sausages, jerky, and more.

Vegetarians of Alberta (VOA) is a registered nonprofit society formed in 1989 to serve people who are interested in learning about, adopting and/or maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle. announces the launch of, a FREE online auction for the vegetarian and Green communities.

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