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Water Directory

Alkaline Water Ionizer Research
Expert reviews on the leading water ionizer machines & custom water ionizer comparison chart.

Aqua Alternatives
Composting toilets, water filters & purifiers, water treatment for rainwater & gray water, air filters, solar water heaters, low-emission fireplace grates, non-toxic products, and more.

Bawell Water Ionizer
Save on buying alkaline bottled water by using our water ionizer. Our machines offer a lifetime warranty and will produce ionized water for years to come.

Best Water
Free Report comparing all types of water purification, LLC
A hand-picked selection of the finest water filter and air purifier products on the planet. #1-Rated brands like Aquasana, Multi-Pure, IQAir, BlueAir, Friedrich, Austin Air and more.

BioNatural - Self Health Shop
Premium quality water ionizers and filters with 9 ph choices. Produce alkaline ionized BioWater for drinking and acid antibacterial Envirowater for external use.

Carefree Clearwater Ltd.
Enjoy the pleasure of automatic water purification for your pool or spa. An alternative to chlorine, bromine and other harsh chemicals. Using pure mineral water, this NASA-developed patented technology eliminates odors, eye irritation, doesn’t effect water balance, is economical and comes with a Lifetime warranty.

Common Sense Solutions
World's Most Effective Drinking Water Systems provide sparkling clean, delicious, healthier water only 7¢ a gallon!

Dryden Aqua Ltd
Drinking water and domestic environmental products for your home and family. All of our products provide an enviroment friendly solution to problems relating to water we drink, air we breath and the food we eat.

Water conservation, Renewable Energy, Self sufficiency

general ecology inc.
chemical free water filters and purifiers by manufacturer of purfication systems for over 25 years.

Global Environmental Technologies, Inc.
Global Environmental Technologies, Inc. is the environmental leader in the water treatment industry worldwide. Manufactures and markets TerraFlo® water filters which have been NSF and California tested and certified. Company offers consumers a chance to participate in one of a kind used cartridge recycling program free of charge.

Healing Waters Sanctuary
Connect with sacred water to experience relaxation and healing with renowned practitioner, Andy Marcus. Healing treatments combine breath, aquatic and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapies. Enter into a deep inner and outer flow with yourself and life.

Heaven Org
Water issues and preservations and solutions to the Global water crisis

Heavenly Cascades
Distinctively different tabletop fountains. Visually stunning, audibly desireable, uniquely designed. The benefits of sound & color therapy combined. Functional, reliable, affordable!

Kentucky Watershed Watch
Movement to monitor quality of streams and rivers in Kentucky watersheds. Group trains volunteers to use scientifically accurate low technology monitoring methods.

medical grade oxygenated water
official online store for oxy-water: the air you drink. a simple and refreshing supplement for athletes and other health-conscious people.

Pacific Ecology
Pacific Ecology provides a wide range of water filtration technologies to meet your need.

Pure Water Products
Online newsletter and product catalog of Pure Water Products. Articles on health, nutrition, water filtration, and more.

Pure Water Products
Website Devoted to Countertop Water Filters
Moma De Louvre glacier milk is a rich colloidal mineral supplement that is the product of the summer melt of the underlayer of a 700 foot thick glacier on Mount Rainier. . . this water has never been in the water table and is infused with creativity by world artist Moma De Louvre.

Stormwater Solutions - WH Shurtleff
Shurtleff Stormwater Solutions is the environmental and civil engineered products sales arm of the W.H. Shurtleff Company.

The Havens
Perfect Science is a research & development company based in Instanbul, Turkey. Perfect Nutritionals are the water formulas created for cleansing and detoxifying human/animal bodies. The formulas contain super-Ayhanized water, aloe juice and saponins and are designed to help cleanse, detoxify, balance and energize the body.

Water Employment
Are you a water professional? Take a look at the latest relevant vacancies.

water ionizers
Great quality water ionizer manufacturer. Alkaline water every day, keep aging away. EHM alkaline water ionizer might be the best choice for keeping you and your family health.

"Your Body's Many Cries For Water" presents a revolutionary new paradigm for healing, turning much of modern medical practice on it's head.A must read!

Waterout (Dade)
Structural drying,water damage investigation & restoration.

WaterPartners International
We envision the day when everyone in the world can take a safe drink of water. WaterPartners is a non-profit that addresses the water supply and sanitation needs of people in developing countries.

A network of organizations dedicated to the revitalization of the New York/ New Jersey waterfront

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