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Womens Spirituality Directory
Mystical Reflection
Mystical Reflection Stewart Hill
204 S. 3rd. Ave. #3
Bozeman 59715

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Phone:  406 586-0061

Mystical Reflection creates a custom- made personalized healing picture of you. This picture can be used tostrengthen your healing through visualization of your wholeness, recall the awareness of your spiritual reality, reconnect with the inner beauty of your soul and to illustrate an aspect of your inner nature that you would like to enhance such as: an expanded heart, an aura of light, an illumined mind.

Snapdragon Gifts
Our motto is "nothing mundane"

A Goddess Sabbath
Saturday morning service,liturgy,ritual.

Ancient Goddess Pilgrimage
We create small group tours for women in Ireland, taking them on Pilgrimage into our sacred places for celebration, story, song and dance.

Astro Awareness
Spiritual Astrology, free monthly horoscopes, phases of the moon which is updated with the changing moon and daily transits. Give personal astrological and tarot readings. Also have sections on dreams, crystals and a dictionary of symbols. Great online shop

Awaken The Goddess
Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck is a set of 44 cards that were created by visionary artist, Katelyn Mariah, whose art is featured in OmPlace e-cards. Learn more about them and purchase them here.

Awakened Woman Publications
A place to connect, featuring a magazine about effective awakened women, feminist spirituality, and women's community. Free e-newsletter also available.

Be Who You Are
Be Who You are is about empowering women who are learning to embrace our spirituality and release what our culture "feeds" us via television, beauty magazines, and cultural expectations. We know that there is a new kind of feminism—based on the unearthing of our authentic selves via our spiritual growth—that is not about making it in a man's world, but making a new world for the women we truly are.

Christine Lawrence Dynamic Lifeskills
Access powerful skills for living, allowing you to master your life. Also dream analysis, symbols,free info and booklets.

Dangerous Old Women Productions
The Dangerous Old Women website offers meditation CD’s and films for women’s healing and spiritual awakening. The CD’s and films show how every challenge in our ordinary lives can be a portal to embodying our womanliness along with our sacredness. The site includes information on how to best use the CD’s and films for spiritual growth. Dangerous Old Women Productions is dedicated to encouraging women to develop non-denominational communities where everyone is supported in experiencing the Sacred directly, within their own lives. A message board on the site as well as the availability of T-shirts and bumper stickers also support the essence of community.

Daughter of the Dark Moon
A magickal place of healing, love, and wisdom. Dedicated to our Earth Mother and my husband, Neil. Pagan, Zen, and Spiritual information. Incense recipes, reiki, and links to healing emotional abuse. Come stay a spell.

Daughters of Ishtar
A small business in Perth, Western Australia dedicated to the creation of sacred and transformational spaces for women. Ishara offers: women's mystery ceremonies; intuitive healing for pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood issues; spiritual, emotional and practical preparation for childbirth; retreats, classes and workshops.

Desert Princess Bellydance
teaching in the Etobicoke area. Special show and lesson package for bridal showers, girls night, or any other co-ed parties

Happy Within (Nora Amala Bugdoll)
Pregnancy and Childbirth are Initiations for the mother and the life forming time for the baby. Live a conscious Pregnancy, experience a deep relationship with your child and an empowering birth!

Judith Laura
Goddess spirituality and feminist thealogy. Website of Judith Laura, author of _Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century:From Kabbalah to Quantum Physics_ and _She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother_. Bibliography, book excerpts and reviews, workshop info,links.

Judith's Table
A spiritual gathering place for women. Judith's Table is an interactive website to empower women by expresssiing their Divine Wisdom and creativity through art and writing. Women of all faith backgrounds are encouraged to offer their ideas, display their work, and help build a community of women supporting women.
Information about Goddess Spirituality and Feminist Thealogy,bibliography, info, reviews excerpts from Judith Laura's books.

Lady of the Lake
Women's healing and empowerment through the use of the Avalon tradition by using cauldron, grail and well.

Linda Jones
Complete workshops for Women ... Spiritually enlightened site ... that will help you to find your way to your own self-realization via online Meditations. You will not be bored!

Awakening, growth, consciousness, awareness, recovery,hope

Moonstone Circle
EcoFeminist Celtic Reconstructionist Pagans. Sheela na Gigs, death crones, original writing and artwork.

Mystic Maidens
Mystic Maidens is an on-line group of women who seek personal and spiritual enlightenment while nurturing individual expression and growth.

Website full of informatio and forum rooms for friendship, aromatherapy, nataural therapies, alternative medicines, reiki, colour therapy Crystals and more. we offer reiki level course one for free.

Private Individual
I've been wondering recently where my community is, so I decided to create this site to bring together some of my favourite people/ideas. Some of them are in Johannesburg, South Africa where I live, but many of them are virtual friends.

Sacred Journeys
Sacred Journeys will take you live on the skin of our Earth Mother, free of distractions, to embrace the oneness of you and your God. We teach the way of all Indigenous People's of connection to your God in a deeper, more intimate way to have your deepest questions answered. Who am I? What is my purpose? How may I serve my people? This is done through Sacred Cirlcles, Vision Quests, Hiking Tours, and Survival Training. God speaks to us through all that has been created and we teach you how to listen, see, and feel the wonders of the Spirit that moves in all! How to use these gifts from a Native American way, Spiritial way, and Psychological way. Come join us to discover the beauty within yourself and the gifts you have within you.

Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance, a book by Iris J. Stewart
"Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance" is the first book to explore the history of women's way of expressing the Divine - through a study of the history of dance as an expression of spirituality. It describes sacred circles, birth rituals, ecstatic dances, and dances of loss and grief (in groups and individually) that allow women to integrate movements of faith, healing, and power, into their daily lives.

The Women's Spiritual Network seeks to provide information to likeminded women on the subjects of spirituality, personal growth, health and global events.

Sedona Women's Institute
A journey of self-discovery, personal growth and conscious living. We provide you with support and guidance through Facilitator Training, Women's Retreats and Workshops, Safe Travel Adventures and Mentoring programs.

Shared Knowledge, Tonya J. Mead, president
Would you like to enhance your overseas experience by learning more about the coping strategies of other spouses in similar situations? Would you like to share your experience with others? Send an email to for more information.

Sounds & Furies Productions
September 29 - October 13, 2003. Sounds & Furies invites all women to another magical tour to Greece to meet the Great Goddess who is alive and well and waiting for you on these enchanting isles. Visit Athens, the Isles of Lesbos, Samos, and Aegina, and the Peloponessus (Mycenae, Tiryns, Epidaurus) in the company of women. With our wonderful Greek guide and host, Charoula Donotopolous, we will learn about the ancient sites we visit, enjoy the countryside, food and culture of the Greeks and return home wondering why we never did this before! Full itinerary, costs and details can be found at go to magical journeys page, click on Greece at top of page. Payment plan for late registrants available. Join us!

Spiritual Sanctuary
A place of inspiration, contemplation, and support.

Sudaka International
Michael the Red is a world famous Tantrist, Daka, Sexual/spiritual healer with profound gifts for giving every goddess her birthright of Orgasmic Amrita and psycho/sexual fulfillment. He has proven himself as a master of Goddess initiation and healing. As seen in numerous television documentaries on The Learning Channel, etc.

The Blue Roebuck
The Blue Roebuck is the home of the World of the Goddess and Her Sacred Trees. Site includes in-depth studies of goddesses around the world, rituals, and the work of the Ivy Girls and Bendis. Also included are the trees of the Celtic Ogham Alphabet, complete with birds and mineral associations.

AUGUST 14 & 28 –Rev. Bobbi Maeder If your life is less than you want it to be, we willingly enable shifts in perception and assist self-empowerment. Join us every other Monday evening in a caring non-judgmental space, to change your life. Claim your power now 7:30 - 9:30 PM $20 for 2 weeks or $11 at the door

The Goddess Foundation ~ The Order of the Universal Goddess
The Order of the Universal Goddess is an academic and philanthropic mystery school dedicated to restoring, reestablishing and reconnecting a worldview of woman as divine messengers of the will of the goddess. The Goddess Foundation helps empower women and create happiness through the pursuit of beauty, pleasure, networking and sharing. Funds go to homeless families.

The Goddess Spiral
Lady AutumnStar's site offering her very own Goddess Stone Oracle for divination. Also Tarot and Rune Readings, Crystal/Chakra consultations, Magickal Power Pouches, and Goddess Path information.

The Man Who Loved Women
A collection of love stories written by Dorothy Valcarcel. Its heroines - eighteen women who loved the one Man who could fulfill their every need. Our hero's name is Jesus, one Man who can make a fairy tale come true.

The School for Women Healers
The School for Women Healers serves the awakening of consciousness by providing information, eldership, education, and training in Samyama Healing, Kundalini awakening, spiritual initiation, and the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. We Provide a vessel for Sacred Feminine initiation, spiritual retreats, workshops, trainings, and other resources for women drawn by a longing, passion, and love for the Divine Feminine and the Great Mystery. The web site provides information about the experience of sacred feminine initiation, paths of participation in the school, and information about Samyama Healing and Samyama practioners. The School for Women Healers envisions a planet where everyone realizes that the Holy is here now, present in both the beautiful and the horrible. We see a world in which we live in love, in the present moment, where every being, every situation is recognized as god/dess in some amazing, wild, wacky, incomprehensible disguise, and every challenging life experience is a portal to the Holy.

The Sisterhood of Avalon
This site contains shrines and is dedicated to the five Goddesses of Avalon: Arianrhod, Branwen, Blodeuwedd, Cerridwen, and Rhiannon.

The Women's Spiritual Network
The Women's Spiritual Network sends out daily postings to women all over the world on subjects of health, healing, meditation and related subjects.

Through A Different Lens
Serving spiritually-oriented men and women who want to make a difference--offering ancient and contemporary creative tools for healing and transformation

Way Yoga
Way Yoga offers Yoga Teacher training courses in Germany and around the world.

Web Bizar
An ever-expanding encyclopedia of Goddesses from around the world.

Web Bizar
Hand-crafted Goddess-related merchandise.

WildGoddess Productions
Discover how Magnificent you truly are! Explore Spiritual Art, Poetry and Ancient Wisdom. Come Dance the Dance of the WildGoddess!!

Withinsight offers a safe haven for women to come together to experience personalized training in self-awareness, life purpose and achievement, balance, self-fulfillment and spirituality.

Women of the World
Dedicated to the spiritual upliftment and empowerment of women everywhere. It is our belief that elevating the status of women is the pivotal factor in the creation of a peaceful 21st century, a sustainable world and a heart-centered future.

Women's Spirituality Forum
women's spirituality organization founded by Z Budapest - hosting the Biannual International Goddess 2000 Women's Festival. Open to all women born women. Dues of $10.00 include e-zine subscription. All dues proceeds go toward helping with women's events and sponsoring scholarships to Goddess 2000 Festival

We've been waiting for you! Meet other fabulous women, take enrichment classes, feel inspired, and enjoy the sanctuary!

Women’s Stories in our Words ~ Sharing Goddess & Women's Spirituality
A sharing of women's & Goddess spirituality. Poems, prayers, stories of inspiration, healing, empowerment, for and by women. Links are to women spirit sites with other general links to sites representing spirituality, peace, self-help and community. Be comforted, inspired, uplifted, and connected. Open call for your submissions.

Yemaya's Daughter
"The Goddess Comes Home to Herself" Women's Sacred Retreats at glorious seaside locations in Hawaii, Martha's Vineyard, the Caribbean and Oregon Coast. Join us as we Circle, sing, dance, dream, drum, meditate, luxuriate and play.

Z Budapest
Z Budapest, author, founder women's spirituality movement, Grandmother Moon, Grandmother of Time, Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, Summoning the Fates, Goddess in the Office, Goddess in the Bedroom

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